We all have those games that are adored by everybody, but you just can’t get into. One of my friends can’t find the appeal of Zelda, and another wouldn't go near Uncharted if his life depended on it. However, I have my own personal likes and dislikes. These are the most critically acclaimed games that I don’t like. By the way, if you plan to tell me in the comments section every single reason I am wrong, please note that these are my opinions and will not hurt you in any way shape or form. And don't worry, later I will post games I like that were critically panned.



  I am not nostalgic for this game, so when people told me that this was a great game I was dumbfounded. The levels were overly simple and easy, with a repetitive soundtrack and bland level design. The hardest parts of the game focused less on skill and more on cheap deaths. The game can be beat in under an hour. It may have been revolutionary, but it doesn’t hold up today.



    The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is famous for having catchy music, tight controls and good level design. That is my description of Sonic III and Knuckles, not the first two. The first two are uninspired slogs through some techno wonderland or something. Really, it was just another 2D platformer of that 16 bit era. Sure it has catchy music, but that is why youtube is my most visited sight.



    Battlefield 3 gave us a ‘Follow’ campaign that felt more on the rails then some of the annual call of duty releases. The multiplayer was fun, but it didn’t keep me captivated. I would rather be playing Counter-Strike or Team Fortress 2’s multiplayers. Also, the Frostbite 2 engine doesn’t bring much new to the table.



   I could not find any enjoyment from anything in this game. Scratch that, I could find lots of enjoyment from laughing at this game. I had fun colliding into walls and randomly losing control of my taxi because the game is flawed in every possible way.



  This game was like the lego games if you had to buy every single minifugre. And it is significantly worse. The combat is boring and the level design is uninspired. I fell that this was nothing but a way for Activison to get money.