007 Legends released two days ago to a very harsh review from Dan. I disagree with the claim that it is awful, but it isn’t even touching my games of the year list for 2012. I was disappointed however, that there were only six movies represented. These are the top 7 which I thought would have made welcome additions to this best of game.



   First off, the most obvious innuendo of all the James Bond movies deserves a level just because of how blunt it is. Secondly, I would love to be Roger Moore dressed in a clown suit gunning down police officers trying to stop you from disarming a nuke.


006-Dr. No

  The first Bond movie with Sean Connery is certainly one of the most memorable. The level could start in the jungle island off the coast of Jamaica, and then transition into the offshore rocket launching pad. I would like a fight with the dragon tank somewhere in there as well.


005-The Man with the Golden Gun

    This level would be a far cry from 007 Legends more action packed sequences, but I know that it could be pulled off. The level would start with a quicktime event fest while fighting off monks, then flash forward for a duel with Scaramanga. The fight with Scaramanga would be a stealth battle of wits where you are the prey, trying to take down the Predator, Scaramanga. You would have to take cover where you can, and make sure that you never get too close to him. You can only kill him if you make your way to the fake Bond and take him out from there.


004-The Spy Who Loved Me

   I was reluctant to put this on the list due to the fact that Jaws already appears inlegends, but I just had to include my favorite Roger Moore movie. The level would play out as a huge battle inside the Nuclear submarine catcher, with a final battle against jaws in that Atlantis thing.



   Thunderball’s level would be a complete war. You and your fellow MI6 agents would raid the underwater base, and gun down foes with harpoons. The end of the level would be an on the rails machine gun shootout against the enemies boats.


002-For Your Eyes Only

   This isn’t the best Roger Moore movie, but it is the most action packed. The movie has some amazing shootout segments, and the set piece moments would be a blast to play. I would love to play an on the rails shooting segment down the bobsled hill, and there could be a torture resisting scene like Metal Gear Solid.


001-Diamonds Are Forever     

     Diamonds Are Forever is a seriously underrated movie. It takes the normal bond formula and quickly bounces back from the disaster that was Timothy Dalton as Bond. It has some of the best action sequences and it would be broken into three main parts. Vegas, The moon base, and the laser control platform. At the end, you would fight off the two assassins that try to blow you up with cake bombs.