Ratchet. Shadow. Vincent Valentine. Wario. This is just a start of the long list of video game characters that have gotten their own spin-off titles. These games were far cries from the original franchise, and allowed the universe to expand. So next up is the top ten characters who I want to see get their own title.


10-Tom Nook

  Our good friend tom would have to manage the income of stock and the economy, while making sure that the pesky humans pay rent. The game would be won when you take over the world by raising the taxes so that you can buy every inch of the planet.



  Imagine sneaking around gannon’s twisted version of hyrule in the vein of assassins creed. You could use a combination of magic and swordplay to fight off the monsters, but they would be much stronger then you. So basically, it would be like assassins creed if the action was less of a focus.  


8-Andrew Ryan

  Two words. Tropico clone. Next!


7-Professor Oak

  Oak is quite the mysterious fellow. I would like to see his adventures thought the world of Pokemon, discovering some of the pokemon for the first time. It would be a great way to change up the pokemon franchise, with you tasked to document the pokemon and their news.



  For the first (And hopefully the last) time ever, I am defending Dan Ryckert. In this game, you would play as waluigi, but it is just like Mario. But it is stylized and has a really weird soundtrack.


5-Meta Knight

     Meta Knight is the commander of an insanely large army. So what I want to know is how did he get there? I would like to see a story driven RTS in the vein of Age of Empires III to flesh out his backstory. And of course, the ultimate unit would be the halberd itself.



   This game would be like a sci-fi version of the hitman sniper challenge. With Jar-Jar as a target. That is all.



   GLaDOS could have her own game in the style of trapt, where you create elaborate deathtraps for scientists who want to escape. At the same time, you could also have X-Com like progression down in the labs, working on new tools for you to rack up points with.



  I would like falco to get a game that is a story about his life before joining starfox. I would want to see his adventures with Kat, and all the crazy battles he got in. But most of all, I just want another dogfighting starfox game, while fox has his weird Zelda wannabe adventures.  


1-The Spy

  I would imagine the frenchman’s own game to be a continuation of Team Fortress cannon. Currently, the leaders of RED and BLU teams have been murdered, and the mercs were recruited to stop Gray Mann’s evil robot army. However, the story has not really expanded since then. I would imagine this game taking place during the Grey Mann attack. Instead of defending the land, you are going deep behind enemy lines to attack the base. I would see this to work as a very cartoony version of hitman, only first person.