In gaming, we can all get attached to characters. However, not all characters make it to the end. Some of the most memorable moments in gaming are the sad deaths, and these are my top five. However, I will give a warning. Massive spoilers ahead. Do you have your box of tissues ready? Good. Let's get started.



     Ethan Mars’s youngest son’s death may be the most infamous on this list. Jason was a foolish boy who walked into the street without checking twice, then was hit by a car. However, his death is not why he is on this list. Ethan’s reaction to losing a loved one was shockingly accurate, and the only thing that kept him going was the love of his only son left.


9-Your best soldier in X-Com

   This character has less development then a lemming, but his or her death is always heart-wrenching. The soldier didn’t have his own personality-you gave him one. You named himafter a good friend and were the only one who congratulated his heroic conquests. You can always name your soldiers on sight. That guy was the one who survived four point blank shots. That guy was the one who single handedly took down a platoon of aliens when his friends were dead. You cannot make it through a playthrough of the franchise without losing an amazing soldier, and it leaves a gap in your skyranger that not one hundred rookies could fill.



  Some of the more Epic Deaths in Halo: Reach were overdone and expected, but Kat broke the norm. It was just a lucky shot from the attacking army that struck her in the head, killing her. It was sudden and jarring, changing everything you thought about emotional deaths. You don’t need to go out in an explosion or slowly fire your last shot in the enemy’s skull to die a hero. You just need to be a hero. Of all the amazing deaths in the game, this one stuck with me even after the planet was glassed.


7-Soap McTavish

    We all loved Soap. He and his mentor and best Friend Captain Price fought through every Modern Warfare game side by side, so his sudden and unexpected death was certainly shocking. We are used to losing soldiers in the games, but the death of Soap still managed to be jarring. And if anything, it made the over-the top gruesome kill at the end of MW3 feel like redemption. 


6-Your hero in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 

    This may seem odd at first, but let me clarify. This is on the list only for nostalgic reasons. Remember when Adam was joking with the devs of X-Com about a pokemon game with death? He was right that it would ruin childhoods. Well that was me, and this is my story. That game was Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness. In this lighthearted game, your character dies. That’s right, he just straight up dies. My young mind was not prepared for this, and I burst into tears. He comes back with some magic, but that was a good six minutes of ruined childhood fuel. Thanks Nintendo.



   Dom was the only character in the Gears of War franchise that wasn’t always “Grr bro, let’s kill some sh*t and drink beer!” He had a human side in the form of his wife. But then she died, and he was sad. So he was sad. So when the team was pinned down by the locusts, he drove a tanker truck into them and exploded in a fiery ball of death. He took out the locusts, but he left himself as a pile of ash in a torn up warzone.



  Sure, Roman was an idiot. He was your dorky cousin who owed money to loan sharks and called you during fire-fights to ask if you can play some darts with him. However, he was a loveable loser. You always stood up for the shmuck when he got himself in trouble, and he was the only person you could call a true friend in the mad world of Liberty City. Then he was shot on his wedding day when an assassin attacked you.


3-John Marston

    John Marston did everything he could to save his family. He killed his former friends, he abandoned his former life, and he took more than one blast of hot lead to his chest. But no good deed goes unpunished. When John returned home, the people who employed him decided to tie up all lose ends and kill him off. John fell to the ground, his fate sealed. John was a good man, but he just couldn’t escape his dark past.



    Kenny was a tough man. He got through months of the apocalypse without being phased. But when bandits attacked their base, a zombie got through the defenses and bit his son duck. Suddenly, the young annoying kid who you wanted to die turned into the subject of our pity. We watched him slowly die as his parents desperately tried to heal him, but to no avail. Kenny’s wife committed suicide upon accepting that her son was dead, and Lee had to finish Duck off with a shot to the brain.    


1-Big Boss

    Snake had a tough life by the end of Metal Gear Solid 4. He was a walking virus, with nowhere to turn to and no hope left. In self-pity, he put a gun in his mouth and reached for the trigger. But he was stopped by his biological father, The Big Boss. Big Boss and Snake embraced in a hug, and the two warring relatives decided to make peace. Big Boss was also dying, and he wanted to tell his last words to his son: find peace and lead a normal life while he still can. Big Boss fumbled to his cigar for a last smoke, but he didn’t have the energy. So in a final act of kindness, Snake put the cigar in his father’s mouth and lit it, ending the storyline of Metal Gear Solid.


   In the end, every one of these characters was much more than just a character. They made a personal connection with us, and they were the most human out of all characters. They lived and died, and we saw it all. We saw their greatest victories and biggest failures, and we saw their lives and their unfortunate deaths.