Another day, another X-Com blog. Today, I will be giving you a step by step walkthrough of a mission. I have nicknamed this mission “Operation Gamescom” due to the location and the soldiers. This was one of my favorite missions I did, so here is the story of how Gameinformer Editors fought off an alien horde.


  A UFO landed in Germany, and it is up to my team to stop it. Who is that team you ask? GI editors. My dream team consists of Jeff, Riener, Meagen, Matt, Kato, and Adam. Jeff and Riener will be leading the squad, and the rookie Meagen will have the role of using the Arc Reactors.


   My squad boards the Skyranger and they take off to the German countryside. The team lands near the UFO, and there is cover all around. I position Captain Marchiafava behind a fallen log, and move Adam ahead of him to take cover behind a pine tree. I send Kato behind a closer log and go into overwatch. I send Riener off of the beaten path behind a log to the right of the launch zone and send Matt up next to Adam. Finally, I send Meagen off to the left of the drop zone.


 A strike team of Mutons approach my position and assemble a few yards away from where Adam and Matt are hiding. Hangtime takes a shot at a Muton with his heavy laser weapon, and the shots miss. Adam shoots off a rocket at the group of Mutons, taking six units of each of their health away. Helghason scores a kill with his laser rifle, and I move Meagen up to flank their positions.  I move up Riener to flank on the right, and I send Kato up to the front lines. He takes a shot at a Muton, and the beast crumbles to the ground.


   The remaining muton runs out of cover and tosses a grenade. Five units of health are taken off of Matt, Kato, and Adam. Kato panics and ducks his head down, increasing his defense by 50%. I regain control, and the Muton is now in range for me to approach with Meagen. I send Meagen behind a cover spot and fire my Arc reactor at the last Muton. The Muston gets successfully stunned, and it collapses. I move Adam up to farthest cover spot, and two more Mutons are revealed along with the entrance to the UFO. They scuttle off into the darkness, and I send Riener up to deal with them. Riener takes a shot at a Muton with his laser rifle, and it deals six points of damage. I finally send Helgheson up to Meagen, ending the turn.


    The Mutons scatter into cover, and one of them shoots Riener, taking away five hit points. I move Adam and fire at a Muton. The shot misses, but the Muton’s cover is gone. I maneuver Jeff up to Adam’s old spot, and he takes another shot at the Muton. It misses as well, but his holo targeting has made it easier for others to hit it. I send Kato next up next to Adam, and Riener finishes off the Muton. I send Matt up in front of Adam and Kato, revealing two thin men inside the UFO. One of the thin men retreats deeper into the UFO and the other runs into the forest. To end the turn I send Van Burkleo behind the log in between Kato and Adam.


   The two thin men fire on matt, and his health is reduced to just two. The final Muton retreats into the darkness and out of my soldier’s range. I send Riener up to a cover spot closer to the UFO, but the hiding Muton had overwatch on. Riener is hit by plasma head on, and he barley makes it to the cover spot alive. Thankfully, he as three medkits and I order him to heal himself. I send Helghason closer to the UFO, and he is in range of a thin man. He fires his laser rifle, and the thin man bursts into acidic blood. I move Meagen up to find the hidden Muton, and I put her in overwatch. I send up Adam to the right of the entrance to the UFO, and he becomes in range of the Muton. Sadly, his turns are moved up, so I order Jeff to approach it and go in overwatch.


   The Muton approaches my soldiers, getting in Hangtime’s range. He pops out of cover and unloads his weapon, leaving the Muton with one hit point. However, the Muton still gets the jump on Kato and Kato is gunned down. Helghason panics and fires his laser rifle, scoring a lucky kill on the Muton. Riener panics as well and ducks his head down for extra cover. I click the door to the UFO, and Biesener opens it up to reveal the second thin man. Adam fires on the alien, but his shots miss. However, his rapid fire perk allows for him to fire twice and the second wave kills the thin man. I send up Hangtime into the UFO, but it only reveals three more Mutons. The Mutons scatter, but one is still primed to attack everybody’s favorite Italian heavy weapons guy. I send up Meagen to bait the Muton, hoping that they take her instead of my captain.


    One of the Mutons uses blood call on the attacking one, and the attacking one fires at Jeff. Jeff took six damage, but he was still standing. The last Muton fired at Adam, but the shots missed. I regain control, and Jeff fires a rocket at the grouped together aliens. They each are dealt heavy damage, and I send up Riener to assist Jeff, but he has to dash. Adam is out of ammo, so I order him to reload. I send matt into the UFO and he shoots down a Muton. Meagen fires at a Muton, but it instead destroys Adam’s cover.


    Adam is painted with plasma shots, leaving him with only one more hit point. The second Muton fires at Adam, killing him. I move Jeff up to a less vulnerable cover spot and he reloads his weapon. Riener kills another Muton, and Helghason misses the last shot in his laser rifle clip. I move up Meagen to another cover spot and put her in overwatch.


   The final Muton runs into the darkness, and I give chase with Jeff. Jeff fires at the Muton, but the shots miss. I move up Meagen and she opens fire on the last Muton, killing it. I sent up Matt and Riener to a plasma door and activate the next turn.


   Riener opens the door and moves into the next room, right next to another door. He opens that one as well and runs up next to another plasma door. Helghason follows after him, and I then focus on the other firing squad. They move to the other door to the same room where I positioned Riener and Matt.


  For the next turn, Jeff breaches the door and takes cover behind the control panel. The power monster whose name escapes me at the moment reveals itself and takes cover on the other side of the panel. Jeff pops out of cover and finishes the mission with a blast from his heavy laser.


  The team returns to base, and promotions were given out. Meagen earned her rank as an Assault Trooper, and is outfitted with a shotgun. Marchiafava was promoted to Major, and Helghason was promoted to corporal.