Yesterday, a reader discussion went up on the stories of our heroic members of the X-Com operation. Today I will tell you my greatest victory, and biggest defeat. Read on for the tales of the heroes who risked their lives to save earth.



  Bombs were deployed in Tokyo, and my team was sent to stop it. The mission was a huge success. With our Arc Reactors, we managed to capture a Sectoid AND a Thin Man. I deployed my sniper behind a potted plant, and moved my assault trooper near the mid-section of the subway. I sent my heavy soldier across the tracks to another potted plant, and one by the entrance to the train. On our next move, I opened the door with my soldier positioned by the door. He moved into cover by the entrance, and was in firing range of a thin man.


    He fired at the thin man, but the shots missed. My assault trooper jumped into the subway through the window, and shot the thin man in the back with a shotgun blast. The thin man went down, and my heavy soldier deactivated a node. I moved my sniper up behind another node, and deactivated it.


     On the next turn, my assault trooper jumped out the other window and disabled a node in the train tracks. Near the node was a sectoid, which my sniper picked off with squad sight. My heavy weapons soldier moved up to another node, deactivated it, and shot down a sectoid. My assault rifle soldier moved through the train car, and took cover near another node. The sectoid by the node in the tracks fired at my assault soldier, but the shots missed. A thin man deployed somewhere on the map and went into overwatch.


   My assault soldier stunned a sectoid, getting applause from Doctor Vanhalen. My assault rifle soldier moved down the train, and was met by another thin man. He was in range for the arc reactor, and stunned it. My heavy soldier moved up to another node, but three potshots from the overwatch thin man hit him. He had two health left, and deactivated the node. My sniper moved up into position, and fired a snap shot at the thin man. Bullseye. The thin man burst into acid, dead.


    The final sectoid marched into view, and fired at my soldiers. My sniper took him down with one shot. The mission was complete.



    This was my first mission that resulted in a failure. My soldiers were all primed, and we started the mission. My team separated into two firing squads and went on each of the pathways, we walked from cover spot to cover spot, ending up near a door. Each squad opened up, and there were rather weak aliens inside. We easily took down the floaters and the sectoids, and moved up to the next section. There were some drones and floaters, and we took them out quickly. We moved in to attack the next section, but there were five aliens waiting for us. They were praying mantis sized and moved farther then humans.


    They poisoned my assault soldier and he died next turn from the poisoning. My squad scattered in fear, and we tried to take shots at them, but they barley took any damage. On the next turn, they killed my sniper and heavy. However, something odd happened. My assault soldier came back as a zombie. My troopers continued to retreat, but it was useless. My entire squad was wiped out by these aliens, and my team was unprepared to deal with a terror attack on Australia. In response of our failure to protect Australia, Australia, Japan, and China bailed out on the project.



So, some of my soldiers were named after members of G.I.O. Let’s see if you died.


Saint Blogger-1 mission. 2 kills. Killed when trying to capture a floater (Couldn't think of a good last name)

Mray ‘Brony’ 901-3 missions. 8 kills. Mauled by praying mantis

Mojo ‘All-star’ Monkey-7 missions. 15 kills. Turned into zombie

God ‘Of’ Irony-4 missions. 3 kills. Shot by sectoid

Dan ‘Idiot’ Ryckert-4 missions. 5 kills. Mauled by praying mantis

Xl ‘Me’ 9-5 missions. 8 kills. Killed by mojo monkey’s walking corpse

Joe Juba-1 mission. 0 kills. Mauled by a praying mantis in Australia


Well guys, I hoped you enjoyed my blog of war stories. Be on the lookout for more epic stories of X-Com woes.