McPixel is the funniest game I have ever played. It is also one of the best. This indie point n click game has made it on steam today, and I want to share you why this hilarious rampage through geek culture is on my top 100.


References. References Everywhere.

This game lampoons Titanic, The Terminator, Minecraft, My Little Pony, Mario, The Simpson's, Dragon Ball, 2001, Half Life, Portal, Mortal Kombat, Pokemon, and more. And this isn't your average "The cake is a lie" reference, no there are entire levels based off of these properties. Weather you are sticking a light saber in Darth Vader's mouth or giving hot dogs to an alien on the lost island, you will know that nothing is sacred.


Fun wario-ware like minigames

In the game you have to rid the area of a bomb in 20 seconds. And don't keep that 'logic' thing with you, the solutions make no sense. The warning at the start of the game is right. You will lose your mind if you play too much. But the game is fun, and the best parts are the failures. One time I accidentally helped the devil create the powerpuff girls. True story.


South park style humor

 In one early level, a volcano needs you to insert a virgin. There is you, a bone, a cow, and a woman. Guess which one you have to insert? Naturally, you. This game pulls everything, from getting shot for kissing obama to sticking a wrench up a cow's butt to putting ketchup on a hotdog then sticking it on your face. If you go through the entire game without laughing, you need to get your ability to laugh fixed.


   So in conclusion, this is a fun puzzle/point and click game with retro graphics, a great sense of humor, and some amazing refrences. And the best part? It is five dollars with free DLC being added all the time. It may seem short your first run through, but try to get gold on each level. Trust me, it's worth it.