Let me get this out of the way. Banjo kazooie is not only the best nintendo 64 game, but it is the best platformer ever created. It has clever writing, memorable characters, and fun controls. It also has the BEST overworld in any game. In 2000, rare created banjo tooie, another amazing banjo game. When you defeat the evil gruntilda, she tells you that she will see you in BANJO THREEIE.

     Rare was then purchased by microsoft, so we had our hopes up to see banjo threeie on XBOX. Rare released a gameboy banjo game, that was fine, but just not as good as kazooie and tooie. Then in E3 2006, we got this.

     Banjo was back! The graphics were crisp, and spiral mountain looked perfect for exploring again. Rare was on a losing streak with games like grabbed by the ghoulies, but we didn't care! BANJO WAS COMING BACK! Then the true game came out and it was this.

    It was... an open world driving game. Remember the hub world in diddy kong racing? Yeah, they made a game out of that. It was decent at best, but it wasn't banjo anymore. There were no enemies to smack, no puzzle pieces to nab, just a small levels and cars. And rare NEEDED a good game. On the launch of the 360, they had released the 'meh' game kameo: elements of power and the equaly 'meh' game, perfect dark zero.

  Rare's streak of meh continued with the kinect sports games, but something good did come out of banjo nuts and bolts. On launch day of the game, Rare put the first banjo up for download on XBLA. Gamers who had never played banjo were treated to the experience for the first time, giving banjo a new fanbase. 


   But that isn't enough. Rare needs to make a new banjo. A true banjo game, not some half-assed open world driver. We need spiral mountain, we need jiggies, we need random music notes, WE NEED BANJO THREEIE! Take note of the word need. My all time favorite genre of games is the 3rd person platformer. Games like spyro, mario 64, banjo, conker, crash, and donkey kong 64 are seen less today. Sure, every game based off of a dreamworks movie seems to get one, but we need the experts making these games. Rare.

   Nobody makes platformers like rare did. Nobody has made so many great levels, iconic songs, funny characters, and console defining games like rare did. Why has rare decided to stop making games like they used too? Why has the industry abandoned the 3rd person platformer? Sure, we will get the occasional jak or mario game, but those are for sony and nintendo. Microsoft has the master of 3rd person platforming on their side, why don't they use it? Why must rare be confined to avatar sports games when they should be making banjo threeie or conker's worst fur day.

  But banjo threeie may be near. In the recently released minecraft skins pack, we got this. 

   So obviously, microsoft knows the importance of banjo and friends, so is this a sign of what's to come? Are we going to get another adventure through gruntilda's lair? Only time will tell. This is Xl9, signing out.