Fear the welder


      You are trilby, famed gentleman thief. The last in the line of the defoe family has died, and you want their loot. However, defoe manor isn’t what it seems. When you get inside, the doors and windows slam tight and can’t be opened. Furthermore there are four other people in the house. This is weird, but things take the turn for creepy when people start to disappear, only to be found brutally murdered all over the house. This is 5 days a stranger.


      5 days has weak character models, but the overall style is enjoyable. The animations are fluid, and the blood splatters and decaying corpses are perfectly terrifying. The game has a great atmosphere, especially in the nightmare sequences.


       Sadly 5 days isn’t the scariest game in the chzo mythos. While it has some disturbing imagery and a dark story, you are rarely in a situation when you can die, and the villain isn’t too scary when you get the truth behind him. The game has awful pacing, the first two days in the game are insanely boring, only to be broken up by short nightmares.


         This game has a wonderful soundtrack that can really create atmosphere. The main theme is mysterious, the nightmare music is scary, and the backround sounds are creepy. Sadly, the game does not have voice acting, which it would greatly benefit from.


       The farther you get into the story, the more creepy it becomes. Who is the man in the welder mask who is killing people in this house? What is this curse that can’t let you leave defoe manor? And what dark secrets does the defoe manor hold? Every answer is wrapped up in a very satisfying way.


     The game play is rather simple. Mouse is to interact and the keyboard is used to move. Not bad, but not great.


    In all, this game is a satisfying start to the excellent chzo series. It kicks off the series in a great way. If you love games such as amnesia or silent hill, you will love 5 days a stranger.


Next time, I will be uploading a review of the sequel, trilby's notes.