Hey and welcome to my hidden gem review. I will be posting many of these about the stellar (and not so stellar) lesser known games out there. So without further ado...


Ghost master is a PC game made by empire interactive. It is a hardcore strategy game where the tables are turned. You are a master of souls tasked with haunting a village. To do so you will need all manners of wights, ghouls, specters, banshees, and poltergeists. In the game, you "bind" a ghost to a certain object to summon it. For example, vapors are attracted to water, terrors prefer emotional items (teddy bear, piano, etc.), and swarms are attracted to open areas. 



While the visuals may have been good back when the game was released in 2002, they don't hold up very well today. While the ghost designs are intuitive as you would expect, the household objects that you possess look terrible. Oh, and the female designs make lara croft look modest. Im dead serious (Pun intended)



The music is very Disneyland esque. Chaotic trumpets blare over organs and violins making the classic haunted house vibe. The mortals talk just like the sims, with random gibberish thrown around. Its charming at best, and annoying at worst. Their screams are super high pitched, adding in that classic haunted house vibe yet again. 



In the game, there is a main base to level up your ghosts, giving them new scaring techniques, and a map full of missions. Th missions are varied, from exposing skeletons that the previous owner hid to helping college kids find an occultic tome. No matter what mission you play, there are always the same mechanics. Restless souls thought the houses give you quests, and if you complete them using certain powers (Such as knocking down a beehive using a golem"s tremor ability). There are mortals to scare that have three bars. Belief, terror, and madness. If they are sceptics, they will have a lower belief and be harder to scare. When their madness or terror reaches a certain point, they will flee. Also, every mortal has a fear, and you must experiment to expose it. If you find their fear and use it against them, they are as good as gone.



                          Empire interactive has crafted a game that is a bit of an oddball. Some of the experimenting can be tedious, and just waiting for a mortal to find a trap you sprung could take a very long times thanks to the primitive AI. However, if you dig past the junk, you get a well crafted game that is perfect for holoween, and is great to revisit the good old haunted house genre. Like the way this game sounds? Lucky for you, it is available for five dollars on steam.


Get it if you like: Sims, mister misquito, luigis mansion, evil genious, deception