So I recently saw just how large of a catalyst Skype was for socialization between members of GIO. I'd really like to take advantage of this and extend an invite to all members of GIO to join Gamer Talk GIO. Gamer Talk is intended to serve two purposes. The first is to give those of us with a hectic and busy life style to still talk about the going ons in the gaming industry without the need to try and work in a blog. The second is to allow the lesser known members of the blogging community to begin socializing with the other members of GIO, in hopes of building friendships and building confidence overall to encourage others to blog.

Now down to the details. I'm hoping to start the first session this Sunday around seven. Each session will last one week starting on Sunday night and ending on the next Sunday morning. I should have a blog based on the conversation had during the week up no later than the Monday following. The chat will continue for the entire week so feel free to comment when you have time. If you would like to participate just let me know in the comments, on my page, or simply add me, WhiteAngelDragon, on Skype. The group is open to anyone, and I implore all of you to at least come watch the first session if nothing else.

Thanks for reading guys and giving this blog a gander.