I'm going to be honest with you all for a moment; I'm tired. I just got home from a long shift at work, the back of both my heels are cut from trying to break in my new boots, my back hurts and I haven't eaten anything today except 2 glasses of water and some aspirin. All I want to do right now is sleep for 12 hours without being disturbed. Except I can't do that because I have to wake up early to go back to work tomorrow. Do you see where I'm getting at, people? All this time working plus the fact that I will be starting school again next week means I barely have time to have a personality let alone play video games. 


I would insert a "first world problem" joke here but you kind of already get the idea.


Gaming is - without question - an important part of my life. It's up there with playing music and writing. I try to find time to do all 3 activities during whatever time I have off - If any. But time and time again gaming is the one that keeps getting pushed back. I'm not sure if any of you feel the same but there is a certain kind of guilt that I get when I spend my free time playing games. "I could be spending this time buying groceries, paying bills or drinking. Why am I wasting it on video games?!" I angrily yell at myself. I know it sounds stupid when you say it out loud - "I wish I could play games way more." See? Totally stupid! But it really isn't. Let me elaborate in the next paragraph; this one is getting too long.

Ah, that's better. Gaming is just as mentally stimulating as listening to music, watching a movie or reading and writing. So why is it only treated as mindless fun? I understand how many great games can be considered as such (I'm blaming you, Plants Vs Zombies 2!) but The Last of Us? To say that playing that game is a time waster is an insult to artistic talent. Yet, even with that knowledge (or opinion, whatever) I still feel as though I'm not being even the slightest bit productive when I play games.

I dare you to name me one reason why video games can be a bad idea.


There is nothing quite like video game marathons. I used to beat every game I played in one sitting because I had absolutely nothing else to do. Now, those days are nothing but an unobtainable fantasy - an admittedly tame unobtainable fantasy but that's not the point. The point is that I truly miss the days where I could pick up a controller any time I wanted and play to my heart's desire. Now that I'm stuck with the mindset of "Okay, you can play for a little while but don't you dare get comfortable!" I find it considerably less fun. 

I don't see myself quitting video games any time soon but it is an increasingly difficult hobby to maintain. At least enjoyably anyway. Even still, I refuse to give up such an important part of my life because of minor little things like "responsibility" or "survival". Pfft!

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