A bead of sweat slowly careens down your forehead.  Your pulse is racing, fingers twitching.  Every second feels like an eternity.  Your team is up by one kill and its up to you to stay alive.

  Prone in a corner you hear the oh so familiar click of a claymore you set at both entrances.  Boom!  No +10 for you however as the enemy spotted and proceeded to disarm your mine the dirty way.  What do you do now?  Do you lay still and hope the enemy runs past without a notice of the camouflaged soldier waiting with the trigger to his silenced M4 half cocked? Or do you jump up and start firing off shots like some modern day Rambo?

  Chances are if you know what I am talking about you too are a Call Of Duty fanatic.

  Two years have come and gone.  Over 110,000 multiplayer kills and hundreds of hours invested and it still manages to peak my interest.

  The single player campaign is one of the most thrilling experiences I have had in a video game (albeit a bit on the short side).  The enemies are tough and staying alive takes every ounce of concentration and will power you can manage to muster.  The cutscenes are top notch and give you a great sense of the perils of war.

  Singleplayer is inevitably your training, boot camp if you will, for hopping online and shooting it out with folks all over the world.  Yes my friends, multiplayer.  There are many talenented players out there, everyone seems to have their own unique skill set and tactical prowess.  To this day you can get online and find a game to play no matter when it happens to be.

 Call of Duty in every way sets the bar for me on how a FPS should be.  Whether it is the large amount of ranks, challenges, perks or classes, and not forgetting to mention the brilliant level design and gameplay.  The sense of realism here is  unlike anything I have witnessed thus far. The graphical detail and ambient noise transforms you into the soldier battling for your very life.

  If you are a fan of first person shooters or not, give this series a go.  You will have a new found respect for how a game can actually manage to make you physically sweat from the constant feeling that death and survival are completely in your hands.

  Lets just call this my little tribute to my hero... CALL OF DUTY.