Lately I have been questioning my life as a gamer.  

  Is there a peak or a pinnacle which determines the end of your life as a gamer?  Should being an adult gamer be strictly for those in the game business?  Is it time to "settle down" and hang up the controller for good?  I have had about a quarter of a century of game enjoyment, isn't that enough?

  If you enjoy something so much why give it up?  Times have changed.  The average gamer is in their mid 30's.  Possibly within the next decade that age will jump up to the 40's.  Isn't it about time we hand over the reins to the younger generation and quit living in our "Old School" dreams.

  When do we say enough is enough?  Must it be when our hands are filled with arthritis and we cannot hear or see the game any longer? 

Your *** right!

  If things go my way I will be hosting tournaments in my retirement home. Maybe by then we will have games you play directly from your mind or something similar to avoid any arthritic constraints. 

  Everybody seems to have a crutch, drinking, restoring old cars, etc.  Mine just happens to be picking up a controller.   There is just something comforting about it, almost sentimental. Few things in my life have managed to peak my interest for 25 years.  Why would I ever give it up?

 Of course this is all subject to change.  Who knows what the future will hold.  Maybe there will be a Great Video Game Industry meltdown of 2032. 

Until that time... I will Press Start To Continue.