I work in the business of retirement and I often have the privilege of listening to others' ideal retirement scenarios.  More often than not, the most vocal sex during these discussions is the male, whom paint a picture similar to what we would imagine Arnold Palmer's life is like: most of the day spent on the golf course with a beverage in hand and millions of dollars in the bank.  It is somewhat comical that 90% of males in the Baby Boomer generation find so much entertainment slugging a little white ball hundreds of yards into a little hole in the middle of a field of grass with sporadically placed pits of sand that occur nowhere in the natural world, but find zero entertainment, and in some cases condemn as a childish activity, in playing video games. 

Granted, video games have been made popular by adolescentssince the late 1970s, which undoubtedly is what gives video gaming this stigma.  As generation X and Y have grown older, they have left their Legos and Barbies behind in the attics of their parents' homes, however their games have remained near and dear.  Maybe video games are not reserved for the kids after all and maybe the critics should just shut the hell up!  Those of us born from the mid 70s to the 90s have always embraced advancing technology and gaming represents the embodiment of this advancement.  Perhaps the "old foggies" have resented video games because of this representation of change.  We are all nostalgic to some degree, but gee wiz, the days of home brewed muscle cars and bowling allies are behind us! 

Back to my point: video games are certainly not childish.  This extremely popular hobby, a word which may be an understatement for some, represents a billion dollar industry that employs hundreds of thousands of people, and increases the quality of living for every single person whose lives are touched by technology.  My idea of retirement involves a good amount of time spent outdoors, preferably on an exotic beach with my wife and kids with a beverage in hand.  I sure as hell will not be whacking some ball in the dirt, but more likely whacking some fool on Battlefield 25 with my Barrett Sniper rifle playing my Microsoft hollodeck.