Steam's Greenlight service offers developers the chance to put their game out in front of the public eye. Users of Steam can then vote for the games that they think are most enticing so that one day they can be available for purchase on Steam. Each week, I will be sharing five games that I think deserve your attention and support.

Project Night

I love survival horror games, and Project Night looks like it could be the next best installment for the genre. The game is played as a third-person adventure. The main character doesn't know who he is, where he is, or what happened to him. It is up to the gamer to unravel the mystery. The developer claims that the game sets the player up in a tense atmosphere with an eerie soundtrack. Areas that can be explored include a forest, a small city, houses, and various buildings. Most of the details are still unknown, since the developer has not released any gameplay trailers at the moment. However, the developer promises weekly updates on the Steam Greenlight page.


This 2D atmospheric adventure game might not be for everyone, but it certainly looks like one great experience to be had by fans of the genre. Luminesca features a small creature by the name of Lum. As Lum, the player explores depths an underwater world. Lum isn't alone in this journey though; the player can use small amounts of light to interact with the environment. The developer describes this game as short, simple, and visual. If you enjoy games like Journey, Thomas Was Alone, or Limbo, then you might want to look into Luminesca. Support this game on Steam Greenlight.

Hox: The Last Ship

Hox is described as a “runner game” on the Steam Greenlight page. It's a concept that I have not seen before in a video game, and it really piked my interest. The player controls Hox, and he is on a mission to...get to the last ship. The description of the story of the game is quite vague, but we know that the character is trying to reach a certain destination. Along the way Hox will meet a bunch of other characters that could offer advice or try to thwart Hox and his efforts. The game offers speech options when talking to characters as well as a choice in which paths to take to get to the destination. This results in multiple endings. While some of the specifics about Hox are still unknown, it's safe to say that 2D action/platformer fans should at least look into this unique title.

Another Castle

Another Castle could be mistaken as another retro throwback since it resembles a lot of classic 2D action/platformer games. However, there is one aspect in Another Castle that makes it worth your support. Random generated levels. Levels are constantly randomly generated giving you a different experience every time. Each environment has it's own sets of random generated levels, and these include deserts, mountains, outer space, and way more. The game is also an RPG. The player can find items to upgrade stats, weapons, etc. Don't mistake this game for just another action/platformer, because there is something really unique and promising here. Support the game on Steam Greenlight if you think the same.

Disaster Survival Simulator

I am not usually one to play a lot of simulation games. I just never found them all that fun. Disaster Survival Simulator seems to be a unique addition to survival and simulation at the same time. The main character is Gordon Mason, and he has to get out of multiple sticky situations that include plane crashes, floods, fires, and earthquakes. Each situation will presumably have its own simulation, because I can't imagine that all of those terrible things could happen to one person at once. The 20 open world levels will be fully explorable, and each one will feature different survival strategies such as hunting. If you want to see a unique survival simulator released in the future, then give DSS your support on the Steam Greenlight page.


Note: It's important to remember that most of the games on Greenlight are only in Alpha or Beta phases of development. Please make your judgments with that in mind.