I went in to pick up our PS4 version of CoD Ghosts with RdRnner78 at Game Stop, and while we were there we decided to say what the heck and also picked up the PS3 version as well to try it out for the next ten days.  Our goal is to play this primarily on the PS4, but will go back and play with a few comrades on the PS3 until that drops.  While we are aware that FPS and graphics will quite possibly different, it was important for us to get on the ground and running so we will be prepared when jump to the next gen.

As any good CoD FPS enthusiasts, we jumped right into multi-player, ignoring what we assume will be another let down of a single player campaign while also avoiding the squads menu(Which the game insisted we attempt first! No, seriously, we pick multi-player and the game was like...um...we think you should do squads, actually we insist you do! We didn't, and maybe that was a mistake....).  We quickly were thrown into character creation, which had us both as women soldiers, which is fine for RdRnner78(who is a woman), but for myself(being the manly UrlachDaggerweld, and now you know some of our PSN accounts, BTW come play with us!!) was not that enthused, nor was I able to figure out how to change that, so I played my first games as a girl, and it was just fine.  We did eventually figure out how to customize our character, and I did eventually get to finely be a man again.
As expected, you are only able to create one squad member at a time, whom come with a variety of class types, and then 3 load outs to sort of customize at first.  There was no tutorial in game, so we had to piece together how the system works, which is a split between dividing up a preset point limit on perks, which cost varying amounts, and using earned Squad Points to purchase new weapons, attachments, and perks.  It seems that you will not need to use your perk points on weapons, grenades, or attachments which is nice.  The perk tree is massive, which means there are going to be some very specialized or very confused players out there.  We did not go thru each perk, but did reallocate perk points to give us what we thought were the best load outs, based on the perks we had as a default.  Additional perks will require the use of Squad Points, which appear to be earned by completing various specialty benchmarks(One of those being the Marathon achievement for so much distance traveled while sprinting.) or leveling up your character.

I focused on getting right into the assault rifles, while RdRnner78 jumped into the LMGs, which required us to make a specialization choice for our characters, unlocking the three load outs with different gun unlocks.  It appears you will eventually be able to buy all the guns with earned Squad Points, and hopefully that will remain unlocked through each of the 10 possible squad mates you be able to create.  There were some new designations onto some common rifles and machine guns, so it may take a few minutes to fully figure out which ones you may be comfortable with.  One of my default assault rifles felt and looked similar to the SCAR, while the other one just plain sucked.  I did get stuck with a SMG as well which I typically do fine with, but I was not a fan of this one.  At this point pardon my lack of weapon names and map names, since we were pretty rushed to get it set up and just grind out some game play.

We did not mess around with any other modes, and jumped right into good old TDM, and it was quite an experience.  The first thing we noticed was the map size difference from the previous installments.  While not every map was gigantic of the ones we played so far(which was about 5 different maps in our short time), there were some pretty big ones.  These maps all represented the theme of the campaign, which was post giant tungsten rods decimating the landscape, leaving everything cracked, broken, and exposed(Except maybe the map with the old castle, which felt a little out of place  but may fit in after we play through the campaign. We will play through it, and give our feedback.) which made for some pretty interesting fire lanes.  Players were popping out of nowhere and cover isn't much cover at all. 

I always felt exposed, which was frustrating at first, until I accepted it as a new challenge to overcome, and I found it difficult to find my place.  We had no previous looks at any of the maps, so every turn was totally brand new for us.  There are holes in most of the structures, so campers were always exposed, trust me I tried to camp a couple of times while trying to get my bearings.  I found that most of the maps had 2nd and 3rd level buildings that offered vantage points over large areas of the map, but weren't totally unexposed.  It really felt like everywhere you went, you had the same chance to hit anyone anywhere you were exposed to or had exposed to you.  You could just as easily hit the player shooting down out of the window as they could hit you. 

The large areas of open play forced me into certain play styles depending on my weapon choice.  When I did use my SMG, I did not run around the entire map, but instead kept my roaming in buildings and tight corridors, while with my assault rifles, I found vantage points and tried to find the long firing lanes to pick off my enemies. 

I felt limited in options of tactics.  I also feel like the weapons are a bit too powerful and the speed of the game is slightly slower than Black Ops 2.  We both immediately jumped to insane level 20 for sensitivity, and I am certain that insane level 14 on Black Ops 2 is slightly faster.  Characters move differently, I was watching, than in previous versions and I could feel it.  This is just a 1.5 hour review, and we may find that our opinions change as we play more, especially after we jump to the PS4 version. 

The Call of Duty App kept dumping us, and as we invited more and more of our clan mates to Ghosts, it just kept failing on all ends.  I expect that to get ironed out, especially with the emphasis of Clan Wars.

In the end, I will say it is a different animal than previous Infinity Ward CoD's, and it will take some time to get used to.  I am not sure if it is an improvement or not yet, and I know it will take countless hours of game play to fully figure that out for myself.  My performance out of the gate was sketchy, ending with a .73 k/d and .44 win/loss ratio.  I seemed to either be very up or very down, for example ending one match with an impressive 7.00 k/d only to turn around and go 3 and 13 the next match.  This is going to be an adjustment for many CoD fans, and just like Black Ops, may take some time to get used too.

So, after 1.5 hours , CoD Ghosts is fun and challenging and definitely has our attention.  I expect good things out of this game still, and look forward to the new multi-player game modes.  We will look at the new Zombies...er Extinction Mode, and will give our take on the campaign as well.  Also, BF4 on PS4 will be right around the corner with our thoughts as well....the Beta was good fun!!

Game on gamers,

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