I have read through the many articles, watched the Youtube Video rants, and listened to the disgruntled Pod Casts about how the next gen consoles will not support disc played games from the current console generation!  Too these gripes and complaints I respond with a capitalized and inappropriate WT#!

Somehow, not being able to play are disc based Halo 2 on the next generation of console is going to ruin the experience of gaming! With the release of these brand new gaming consoles comes a plethora of new games/game franchises, brand new social and sharing features,  advancement in graphics, game capabilities, and a massive unrealized potential to have brand new experiences,  is going to come crashing down because I will not be able to pop in my Mass Effect 2 game in and play!

First off, even if the new consoles did play your old game, the experience would not be improved that much.  The console cannot overcome the old gen programming for the game, which means...graphics will not improve, sound will not get better, nothing will change in game, except maybe load times because of more processing power. Borderlands would remain Borderlands, and your old NCAAFB 11 title will still look and play exactly the same.

At the moment, with the cloud, which will eventually be loaded with all Playstation 1, 2, and 3 games at this point, when fully realized, it is conceivable that you will not be able to carry over achievements from previous console's play through. I am not 100% sure about what Microsoft is doing with their cloud play, but I would think that they would similarly have all of their titles there too, but they are weird about things like that, so....

Second, are you going to just throw your old console away?  I picture in my head, when reading or hearing about this, gamers going to pick up their new consoles in mid to late November, and returning home and tossing their old 360 or PS3 into the fire place or smashing it on the back porch with a sledgehammer, all the while weeping and murmuring about how they will never be able to play their games again.... You still can! 

I for one, will not be sending my PS3 off on a Viking like funeral at sea, but moving it over slightly to make room for it's new little brother the PS4.  They will sit next to each other, and I will periodically go back to the PS3 and play through my unfinished DL games(I swear I will return to finish you 'I AM ALIVE') and some disc based games that got lost in the new releases...i.e. Rage or Borderlands 2!

Honestly, what is purpose of getting the new console if the most important thing that is worrying you is if you can play old games on it?  There will be too many new games and experiences to worry about it Saint Row 3 saved game data lives on.  The complaints come from a complacent fan base that hasn't seen a true next gen console in over 8 years! How quickly we forget that we could not pop our Nintendo cartridges into our SNES's! With online storage of game saves growing, do not be surprised that when the cloud becomes fully realized, you just might be able to bring those old achievement forward anyway.

Game on gamers!


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