Throughout gaming history, one simple weapon has cemented itself to the very foundations of the shooters genre. This weapon, as you all may know, is the chainsaw.

Whether chopping off a zombies head or slicing through some poor guy's sternum in a fountain of glistening blood and chunks of flesh, the chainsaw is the melee weapon of choice for most gamers. It may not always be the most powerful, or even practical for the situation, but no one can deny the maniacal and twisted delight that comes with gory spattering of blood, flesh, and bone when you slice into some unsuspecting player's collarbone. And despite the bulky size and rattling chains, this gas powered joy-toy has and can be utilized as a very effective stealth weapon.

The chainsaw has seen many variants of is classical form over the years. Taking on laser blades or being attached to guns, anyone who has ever dropped into Gears of War and sliced a Locus from neck to groin before unloading sixty rounds into another's face will happily agree that the union gun-and-saw is a match made in heaven, (and has certainly sent many a character's avatar to just that destination.) But more then a psychopath's form of brutal and twisted entertainment, the chainsaw is a symbol - an icon, if you will - of dually taring into gaming's nostalgic past and carving a way into a new and brighter future. (Soaked in bloody pixels though it may be.)

For those of us that remember the nostalgic past, and for those of us that look forward to that brighter future, the chainsaw shall always be there to clear our way to glorious and bloody triumph. A symbol of peace, justice, and joy... that are systematically sawed down in macabre savagery. The chainsaw will always remain close to our hearts... and other vital organs....