If you've ever played an RPG/Fantasy game, you understand where I'm coming from. Whether it be some flying PygmyPuff, mutant monstrosity, an enraging, 'navigator,' or some harmless, cute and furry, large eyed, and long eared freakish mouse kin, we've all had to deal with these Characters to some extant.

"Magical and enchanting creatures," they've been called. "lightens the hearts of all those that are lucky enough to chance a glance at its adorable, puffy visage," it has been said. These creatures are perhaps one of the most loveable creations of no-one's caring known to man!

They are in fact, without a doubt, some of the most enraging and hated characters in the fantasy gaming universe! Yet... No one can deny that without them, the games in question would never have been as good. At their core, they made the game what it was and were why we loved it. Their very presence is one that brings a strong feeling of nostalgia to us all. Don't understand? Allow me to clarify.

Well... those of you who have encountered different variants of these charming creatures in various role-playing and fantasy based games, you will also note that they make most absolutely hilarious forms of target practice. You can punt the little freaks great distances, shoot them with arrows or magic guns, and slash or beat them down with melee weapons of all varieties! And they never cease to disappoint when they explode or die, or are hurtled long distances through the air and experience blunt force trauma in the most delightful ways! 

For those of them for various reasons could not be harmed in delightful ways, their incessant complaints, irritating instructions, and enraging, squeaky voices will always be the needle in our arse that drives us forward to the ranting and raving end! To us, they were the ignition to our rage filled adrenaline. When we were feeling gloomy or didn't want to finish our quest, they were our ire inducing incentive move forward to the bitter end. For better or for worse, they were always there to ignite our wrath and set us at an insatiable desire to move ever onwards. (Even though when more then once this hunger and ire had led us to our untimely end. 

As for the other fairy creatures of fantasy, they will always provide enjoyment to those who delight in the ardent and grisly destruction of cute, little, and harmless creatures of the fantasy gaming world. In closing; die you atrocious flying runt fur ball of a freakish, fairy, pigmy puff! Die!