Through the avatar of heroes that wield other worldly powers and depressing back stories, we RPG players have saved many a worlds in this gaming genre's universe. But the truth be told, the digitally encrypted and oppressed/threatened peoples of these realms hold much animosity with us. Lets analyze why.

For one, nine times out of ten, are communication skills in these games are crap. We often can only grunt and scream, or shake our head yes or no, Is this our fault? No! Our avatars have experienced many hardships and betrayals, of course our social abilities are going to be zero! But this isn't our major flaw, it is just one of those things that contribute the problem in the whole.

The fact is, friends, that we have zero respect for our pixilated brethren. Often we enter their homes unannounced and uninvited, breaking their various decor and steeling their valuables, even when at an inn we have to raid through their things and steel any item not bolted to the floor; like those irritating people that go to an expensive hotel and make off with their bathrobes and mini shampoo!

To top it off, we even invade their privacy and personal livelihood, even going so far as reading their minds from time-to-time, for no better reason then that we can! Heck, we can't even leave the livestock alone; tormenting their chickens and milking their cows!  There once was a time where a man's personal right to their cow's utters was a sacred thing, but not anymore!

And lets all face it. There have been more then one occasion where we were the secret cause to a world's impending doom, and we had no choice then try and save it! We have all unleashed evil and/or uncontrollable powers in the realms from time-to-time. And we have all awoken a dragon or demon from its deep slumber to torment a village or people.

It would seem that being a hero has some pretty high collateral damage and costs to the people we are trying to save. Its good that their so understanding sometimes... at least until the threat is over and the game has ended. I dread to think what they do to the protagonists off-screen after we have relinquished control...