I've never been great with fighting games. The time I spent with Mortal Kombat was a frustrating encounter, and the only two fighting games I've truly enjoyed are Super Smash Bros. and Persona 4 Arena. The latter is the most true fighting game I've played, and I enjoy it mainly because of the characters. Smash Bros. is just fun to play in general, but the characters make it fantastic, and that's how I feel about P4A too. With Persona 4 Arena Ultimax releasing soon, I've been thinking about other series that could work with the fighting genre...sure, some of my ideas are sort of out there, but I'd like them to happen.

Too pro Yu, too pro.

Kingdom Hearts

The Final Fantasy series already has the Dissidia spin-off, which is the closest thing to a fighting game those games have ever seen. There have been mods that insert Kingdom Hearts characters into that game, but I'd honestly rather a unique game in of itself. Now that the series is as large as it is, it doesn't need to include characters like Hercules or anything; we've got Organization XIII, all the heroes, and of course Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. I don't need something canon, Square-Enix; just something fun.

The World Ends with You

The World Ends with You is honestly a perfect fit for the fighting genre. Featuring a varied cast of characters that use different powers means each character could fight very differently. I could see Arc Systems Works making the game, as they've been pretty good at creating special systems for the various characters in BlazBlu and Persona 4 Arena. Sprites would also look better than models most likely, based on how the original game looked.

Metal Gear

Are the characters of Metal Gear diverse? Yes, yes they are. Imagine Solid Snake having to fight Bir Boss, or putting the cyborg Raiden against his predecessor, Gray Fox? Then, we mix these characters together, and have Vamp fight against The Fear or something. Having a more agile arena like Super Smash Bros. might work better, especially for characters like Raging Raven and The Pain. Of course...we can't forget about the idea of having REX and RAY fight again...

Ace Attorney

Somehow...somehow...Phoenix Wright ended up in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I've heard about he's a broken character and stuff, but that doesn't matter. I still want to get the game and play it just so I can beat up Dr. Doom as the man himself. However...what if I got to that against Manfred von Karma instead? Or Gant? Or...Larry Butz? I'd love to go head to head against some of the characters of the Ace Attorney series; things would need to be enhanced a bit, like each character being stronger than how they really are, and sometimes having special powers like Wright does in UMVC3, but the possibility of this happening...well, it's nonexistent, but sounds so awesome.


Alright, alright; this is pretty much already happening, as this revealed screenshot from a year or so ago shows. However, since it could just be another 3D console game, I'll include Pokemon here. I've always enjoyed using Lucario and Pikachu in Smash Bros., but imagine using Infernape, or Blaziken, or maybe somehow even Venusaur? Or Lapras? That'd be hard to pull off, but if Nintendo could somehow make it work, I'd be psyched. C'mon Nintendo, announce this next week.

The Game Informer Staff

I know Dan Ryckert doesn't work at Game Informer anymore, but he should be included as well. Imagine, just imagine; Tim Turi wearing a Mega Man helmet, jumping up and down, dodging Dan's wrestling moves; Andy McNamara using executive privilege, and then Andrew Reiner saying "PRESIDENT OF VIDEO GAMES" as his finisher move. Oh, and then Aram Jabbari and Phil Kollar are DLC.

The Video Game Industry

No, I don't mean Mario vs. Nathan Drake vs. Master Chief. I mean Reggie Fils-Aime vs. Shuhei Yoshida vs. Phil Spencer. Then, we throw in Todd Howard, Shigeru Miyamoto, Hideo Kojima, Mike Bithell, and a variety of other personalities from the video game industry. This is, of course, the most unlikely thing in the world, but it'd be pretty awesome...right?

If you have your own ideas that aren't as ridiculous as mine, feel free to share below. Of course, they can be ridiculous too...