One of the most interesting phenomenons that has resulted from the onset of the internet in the last decade is the idea of Let's Plays, or LPs. While the term is defined a bit loosely, it's generally accepted that an LP is when a person records themselves playing a video game with commentary over the footage with their reactions and/or thoughts on the game. Over the last few years, I've watched a variety of Let's Plays from a variety of YouTubers, but there are three in particular that I always go back to: Chuggaaconroy, ProtonJon, and NintendoCapriSun. While I've watched far more LPs from Chuggaa than the other two, I love all three of them for their varying personalities, and I also love watching all three of them when they come together to play games together, where they are known as The Runaway Guys. They first started off with the original Mario Party, and since that absurd adventure they're played Mario Party 2, 3, and 4, and other games like Wii Sports, Wii Play, LittleBigPlanet, Fortune Street, and Super Smash Bros. Today, I thought I'd take the time to discuss why I love watching them so much.

They're the best.

Before I get into why I love their collaboration channel so much, I should mention a bit about each of them individually, since I doubt all of you know about them. Chuggaaconroy, or Emile, is the most popular of the three, and has played a variety of games on his channel, from Super Mario Galaxy to Okami to Earthbound. He's currently LPing Xenoblade Chronicles, one of my favorite games ever and his personal favorite. I like all three of them a lot, but Emile is definitely my favorite, because I like a lot of the games he does and he's a very childish and mature person at the same time. He admits faults in games he loves, and is very honest with people. ProtonJon, or just Jon, is very skilled at games usually, and has a large collection of games as well. He's known for playing modded Mario levels and hard platformers like Ninja Gaiden. NintendoCapriSun, or Tim, has the largest list of LPs of all three of them, with a variety of games like Chrono Trigger and Plants vs. Zombies under his belt. He likes to say "So happy!" a lot, and while Emile and Jon often speak louder (because Jon is yelling at Emile and Emile is naturally loud), he's still an integral part of the trio.

The three of them all play off each other very well, for different reasons. Emile, as the most childish of the group, will often make outrageous comments that cause Jon to blow up at him (not really in an angry way, but in more of a "how old are you?!" sort of way). Emile also likes to make fun of Jon a lot of the time, and will goad him too. For example, in the original Mario Party, there is a space that gives the player a 50/50 chance to either get another roll, or to lose their next turn. When Jon lands on these in the first game, he almost always loses his turn, to which Emile says "HEY JON, DON'T EAT THE MUSHROOM!" (the space will either give out a good mushroom or a poisonous one). Jon usually becomes enraged at this, but will then use the same phrase again when the same thing happens to Emile. While this is happening, Tim will usually be either laughing or be acting bewildered in the background.

One thing I love about their original Mario Party LP is their dealing with Wario. At that time, Wario wasn't voiced by Charles Martinet (the current voice of Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, Wario, etc.) and had a German voice actor instead. This actor's accent came through at times, especially on Wario's mess up line; "D'oh I missed!". Before the game started, Emile was already anticipating Wario saying that, but it only happened once in their first game with him. Wario ended up being the AI player for the final Bowser board, and said it at least four or five different times, which pretty much cemented the saying with The Runaway Guys in general. Emile uses the saying a lot even today, to describe his own actions more than anything.

When the trio was playing The Subspace Emissary, the story-mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Jon really showed off his love of the Blue Falcon pilot Captain Falcon, as you can see in the video above. It's this, and the "D'oh I missed!", that really show off why I love Emile, Tim, and Jon. They all reference their own things, and also have their own small quirks. Emile likes to shout out things like "VICTORY TO RIKI!" or speak like Mr. Saturns. Jon will act like Captain Falcon, or talk about "footballing" something (basically pulling through at the last second). Tim likes to use phrases like "So happy!" and "In the bathroom!", and will also have moments where he plays really, really well. 

Besides just their charm, the three of them also seem to have trouble with the funniest things, or have the funniest things happen to them. For example, they had lots of trouble beating the giant shadow Diddy Kong from The Subspace Emissary, and they also have had many, many major Mario Party moments. The Mario Party absurdity has ranged from Chance Times that exchanged one star for three, to the AI choosing to not go towards the star on multiple occasions. In Wii Party, while playing Spin Off, the bank reached over 70,000 medals at one point, which was crazy, and there was also a certain incident with a horse and Captain Falcon.

I guess more than anything, the reason I love The Runaway Guys is that they're enjoyable to watch. They're competitive, but they're still friends, so it's not like their videos are too soft nor too "hardcore". They try to do things for the benefit of the viewers (such as not wearing gloves while control stick spinning in the original Mario Party), and more than anything just try to have fun while playing. 

That's all I have for's only one week now till Day 200, when possibly my biggest blog ever will be posted...and man am I excited for it.