Whether I'm writing a blog, sitting on the bus, playing video games, or maybe just resting, I'm almost guaranteed to have my headphones on, or at least around my neck. They are a defining trait of my persona (SEE WHAT I DID THERE), and I almost never leave the house without them. They serve as a wall between me, and the noise produced by everyone else. I'm a social person at times, of course...but often, I like to slide them on, and drown out the distractions, and listen to tunes that get me pumped up. I'm a fan of several video game characters that also wear these beloved objects, and I wanted to honor those characters today. To be honest, I did have to do some research into finding ten characters that actually do wear headphones...some of these picks were characters I was only vaguely familiar with, so forgive me if any information is inaccurate. Also, I leaned toward choosing characters that wear headphones specifically to listen to music-not ones that use them for communication or anything like that.

You know he's one.

10. Jake

I'll admit that I've yet to play one of the Advance Wars games (but now one of them is on the eShop, so that should hopefully change soon). I was doing research for this blog when I saw that this character does wear a pair of headphones...though, he most likely does it for combat, and not music...yay for me for breaking my rule in the first entry?

9. Elesa

Elesa is one of the gym leaders from the Unova region, and in Black 2 and White 2, her appearance has changed so that she's wearing a pair of headphones...with large antenna. I'm guessing because she's a fashion model she's going for some weird Plusle and Minun style? I don't know. Before, her headphones didn't have those antenna...so my logic is good, right?

8. Achmed Khan

For those of you who recognize this character, you are awesome. For those of you who don't, you need to play Backyard Football. Humongous Entertainment created Backyard Football after the success of a couple other games in the series, and stars NFL players as little kids, as well as original characters, such as Achmed. If I remember correctly, his stats make him out to be a quarterback; hopefully getting sacked doesn't make those big things break, because he wears them while playing.

7. Con Smith

I've read up on Killer7, one of the "Capcom Five" games for the GameCube, but I've never had the pleasure of actually playing it. Con Smith is one of the playable characters from the game, and is part of the titular killer7. He's a young Chinese-American...wears headphones...and yep, that's all I know about him.

6. Beat

I'll be honest; I've never played Jet Set Radio, Jet Grind Radio, or any of the games in those series. I know that I should, considering my love for The World Ends with You, but I've never gotten around to it. Regardless, I do know that this character, Beat, is the protagonist of the first game, and that he does wear headphones....um, that's about it.

5. Aigis

What's that, you say? Those aren't headphones, they're just part of Aigis because she's an android? Meh, I doth not care! They look enough like headphones to me, and that's what matters! Because I said in the beginning they just have to look like headphones, right? Right? Ah, whatever, I'm including Aigis in this list because she's freaking awesome.

4. Megumi Kintaniji

As the Conductor of the Reapers' Game, Megumi Kitaniji has a lot of influence over the Shibuya district of Tokyo. It's this influence that causes several of the conflicts present in The World Ends with You to occur, and it also makes him the game's primary antagonist. He wears red headphones as a contrast to Neku Sakuraba's purple ones, and actually serves as a realistic representation into what Neku could have grown into. Of course, if you've played The World Ends with You, you know the truth of all this...but really, Kitaniji is awesome, even if his boss fight is...a bit cheap.

3. Yosuke Hanamura

Yosuke acts as the protagonist's best friend during the events of Persona 4, and that made him one of my favorite characters in the game (okay, EVERYONE is my favorite character in that game...). He's clumsy, goofy, but grows to be at least slightly more mature than how he originally was at the start of the game. He realizes his own flaws, works to correct them, and proves his own worth as a human being. He may be more of a womanizer than Junpei was at times...but I love Yosuke. 

2. Minato Arisato

The protagonist of Persona 3, whatever you want to call him, is a lot like me. He always has a pair of headphones around his neck, and we listen to similar styles of music (assuming that what he listens to is similar to the game's soundtrack). I may still slightly prefer Yu Narukami to him, but I do still consider this character to be pretty beast...especially considering Persona 3's ending.

1. Neku Sakuraba

Neku is a character I relate to very much. I wasn't ever as anti-social as he was at his prime, but the principle of both of us moving away from that idea still stands. While other characters primarily wear headphones for solely cosmetic purposes (or at least, have them on), the music that's actually played in battle is what Neku is listening to. Heck, almost everything in the game is what he's listening to. At least, that's the way I see it. You can buy tracks at stores, and then play them while walking around. Neku wears his headphones not only to listen to music, but drown out the noise that everyone else is making. If you're trying to think of characters in gaming that wear headphones...Neku should always be your first thought.

Sorry that this blog appeared several hours after it should have; I guess losing more and more sleep has really affected me. Well, I'll do my best to not keep that going, and put blogs out when they're supposed to be out. In any case, that's all for today...