Video game consoles are what the industry really revolves around. The majority of video games that come out today release on at least one of the three consoles, or on PC. Probably the most controversial topic in the industry also is what consoles a person prefers compared to others: while outsiders may not see this as a big deal, it can be a friendship ruiner for some (it shouldn't be, but it happens). I've tried to be diverse in what games I play, but I ultimately have strong opinions just like everyone else. Some may even say mine are too strong...but regardless, today's blog is going to take a look at my top seven gaming consoles. Please take note that THIS LIST DOES NOT INCLUDE HANDHELDS, because they're in a different league altogether...and a different blog.

Sorry that PSP and DS are there...

With several of the listings, I actually had a hard time choosing a clear winner, so there are actually several times, including first place, third place, and sixth place...this was originally going to be my top ten consoles, but I'm scared I'm going to fall asleep before finishing this...

6. Wii U

The Wii U is not a bad console in any regard. I own more games for it than I do my Xbox 360, or my PlayStation 3, and I've enjoyed almost all of them. Playing games on the GamePad has felt like a truly unique experience, and I'm still very excited for all the games coming out in the near future. It may not look like it, but the Wii U is, I feel, going to have some of the most high profile first-party support in this generation.

6. PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 has many great exclusives under its belt. Quantic Dream and Naughty Dog have both given the system creative and inspiring titles, and will almost certainly continue to do so on PlayStation 4. I've only had my PlayStation 3 for a few months now, but I've really enjoyed Uncharted, The Last of Us, and also getting to try out some other exclusives like Tales of Xilla. I'm hoping that I'll be able to try out games like inFAMOUS and Devil May Cry in the near future.


The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is perhaps the most timeless system ever released. Unfortunately, I've never actually completed an SNES game, let alone held a controller in my hand. I've played Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Final Fantasy VI, and Chrono Trigger, but I still haven't actually beaten any of them. I know, it's humiliating as a gamer...but hey, I still think the SNES is one of the best systems ever released. The only reason it isn't higher up is because I've spent more time on more recent consoles, and grew up with these ones instead of an SNES.

3. Nintendo GameCube

I never owned a Nintendo GameCube, but I spent a lot of time playing one. When I lived in Canada, my friends and I would always end up playing Star Fox Assault together because of how great the multiplayer was. Later on, I played some GameCube classics like The Wind Waker and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, which are both fantastic games. I still have quite a few gems to get to, like the Resident Evil remake, and Eternal Darkness. I'm really hoping that those titles, and more, are brought to Wii U's eShop. And, of course, Baiten Kaitos excites me, as it was the first Monolith Soft game for a Nintendo platform...

3. PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 still has a lot of great games I've yet to play. Particularly, it has a wealth of RPGs such as Final Fantasy X and the Xenosaga series. Even though I haven't played these games, I have great respect for how well the PlayStation 2 was able to succeed in its heyday, and the games I have played for it have all been awesome (well, save Shadow of the Colossus...but we won't go down that road again). 

1. PC

If the Wii got me into gaming, it's the PC that got me into more mature games. Sure, I'd played Twilight Princess and a couple other dark games on handhelds and Wii, but it was only when I migrated to the PC that I started to get into truly dark titles, that still hold my attention today. My current PC may be a weak laptop, but I still prefer this thing over normal consoles for games like BioShock and Borderlands, because of the ability to use a keyboard and a mouse. Overall, I've most likely spent most of my time on a PC, if handhelds aren't counted.

1. Nintendo Wii

Yes. This is my favorite console of all time. The Wii has done more for me than most of the other consoles on this list combined. It was the first console I ever owned, and it introduced me to epic series like Mario, Zelda, and Metroid. In the past eight years, I've spent thousands of hours on that system, both alone and with friends. In Mario Kart Wii alone, my brothers and I clocked in at least 900 hours, and we'll do a decent amount in Mario Kart 8 as well (but then I'll go to college...). Even though it's viewed by many as a childish system, that fact helped me get into video games more, as I was only about eleven when we got the system. It truly changed my life, and I've had so much fun on that weak, tiny console. Even with all the hate it gets, I love it, and it's my favorite non-PC/handheld console of all time.

I'm sorry that this blog was a bit unorthodox, and wasn't as long as I had originally intended...I'm fighting for consciousness at this point...bleh, I should have had some of my tea with caffeine...