We're all dreamers. Some of us dream of a future where what we see on the screen looks more "real" than what we actually see around us. Some of us dream about exploring entire worlds, as large as our own. And some of us...some of us dream about Super Smash Bros. The Nintendo fighting game series has only had three entries in the fifteen years we've had it, but it's also about to receive a new entry in the form of the Wii U and 3DS installments. With that in mind (and the fact that I was desperate for a blog idea to write about), I've decided to devote today to looking at several characters I want to see appear in Smash Bros.. However, these characters, based on my own thoughts and perceptions, have very little change of actually ever appearing in the series (at least, as actual playable characters).


Keep in mind that I'm looking at this from several angles. For example, there is some small possibility of Phoenix Wright showing up at some point, as he has been in another fighting game, and also has multiple games coming out in the future. This blog will be focused solely on characters who really we know aren't going to appear in the series. And, I'm sticking with franchises that have appeared on Nintendo systems: this isn't a "Master Chief" and "Nathan Drake" blog. 

Sho Minamimoto

Neku is the main protagonist of The World Ends with You, which means he has some 0.1% chance of getting into the game. Sho, though? I doubt it, which is really a shame. Sho is THE fan-favorite character from The World Ends with You, and never fails to leave behind a mark with the player. He screams math terms as battle cries, and can remember several hundred digits of pi. I'd love to move around as him, cackling, and turn into Leo Cantus for the Final Smash.


Midna is my favorite supporting character in any Zelda game (though the great Linebeck is a close second). Because she's a supporting role, though, I have very little faith in her actually obtaining a place in Smash Bros. I do think that her riding Wolf Link would be preferable, as she can actually float, so having Wolf Link would allow her falling K.O. to make sense. As for attacks, well, her Fused Shadow could definitely serve as Final Smash potential, and Wolf Link's attacks would also function well.

Simon Blackquill

Here's one of the places we get a bit iffy. Sure, he's a prosecutor, but he's wielded a katana at one point. Playing as Blackquill would be really, really awesome, I feel. Especially if he could use his chains somehow while fighting. Or, maybe, being restricted by them during the battle, but breaking them during the Final Smash, and then being able to use a katana. Regardless, there's not really any chance of us seeing Blackquill in Smash Bros.


Albert Wesker

Wesker has had a presence on Nintendo consoles, but it's been very minimal; we saw him in Resident Evil 4, The Mercenaries, and Umbrella Chronicles (I'm not sure about Darkside Chronicles). He already has appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom, but the thought of him being in Smash Bros. is kinda out there. He would be a bit dark for the series, compared to other Nintendo main-stays, but I think it'd be cool to have his speed and power.


Even though I love, love Sora's character in Kingdom Hearts, Roxas comes out on top. He's more developed as a character overall, and his story is one of my favorites of all time. I'd love to see him come out and fight in Super Smash Bros., as an addition to the minimal RPG presence in the games. He has several combos he could utilize, as well as magic attacks like Fira and such. As for the Final Smash...I'm seeing an Oathkeeper x Oblivion thing, and becoming invincible while using them.

Jean Descole

The Professor Layton series is essentially a Nintendo exclusive, with only a couple games releasing on iOS instead of Nintendo DS and 3DS. We could see the good professor himself appear in Smash Bros., but there's no chance at all we will see one of Layton's foes, Jean Descole, enter the fray. Descole is a very skilled scientist, who has constructed enormous robots, and he's also an adapt swordfighter. Piloting a mech as his Final Smash would be pretty awesome...or maybe they can just have Descole's theme play and all the other players will die of awesomeness.


What? Are you surprised? I'm DESTROYER. She's PHI. Okay, enough with the dumb jokes. Yes, I want Phi in Smash Bros., mainly so Zero Escape gets some love outside of the three games the series will have. Ugh, who I am kidding, GIVE ME PHI SAKURAI. Hey, that rhymes...


Chrono Trigger is, to me, one of the most perfect games ever. I can't think of any flaws with it, except that it's really awesome and a bit punishing at times. But that's not really a problem at all. Anyway, it's been so long since a Chrono game released, and the series isn't really expected to ever come back, I think. So, I think it's doubtful we'll see Crono himself ever appear in Smash Bros.. Which is a shame, really, because I'd love to play as him. He's got several awesome sword techs, like Cyclone, and very powerful attacks like Lumiare. His Final Smash could be a Triple Attack with two random party members from Chrono Trigger, or maybe just Lumiare itself.

Reggie Fils-Aime

I'm sorry, but I'm being truthful here. Imagine Reggie ACTUALLY being in Super Smash Bros. It could be just a whole bunch of joke attacks, and I'd still love him being in it. Anyone who says they don't want him is either lying, has no sense of humor, or doesn't think straight. If none of these apply to you, and you don't want the great Reggie in Smash Bros...I don't know what to tell you.


I really, really want Shulk to appear in the new Super Smash Bros., but I also really want Reyn to get in as well. He fits into an overused archetype, but he actually transcends it to be one of the best comic reliefs I've ever seen in a video game. Having him in Smash Bros. would be so fun, if we assume that he keeps shouting out his one-liners the whole time. And for his Final Smash? Well, that would simply be Reyn Time.

Those are my picks for this list. Do you have any characters you really want to see appear in a Smash Bros. title, but that you think have next to no chance of getting in? If you do, discuss it below!