Welcome, welcome, to another year at Hogwarts! Oh, wait, my bad, wrong intro. *ahem* 


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies released last week, and it has shamefully been ignored by the masses in favor of next-generation hype (even though "next-gen" started with the 3DS and Vita launching, I feel), and has been lost in a sea of other titles being released. Why is this shameful? Because Dual Destinies is absolutely the best game to release this year, and is also one of the greatest games ever made. Fellow blogger Xl9 and I have ranted about the game in our own separate reviews, but after discussing how amazing the title is, we've decided that a simple review does not do the game justice.

That is where our planned Dual Destinies Week comes in. Starting tomorrow, and continuing on all the way to next Saturday, we will be releasing co-written blogs based on Dual Destinies, covering everything from new characters to the breakdowns in Phoenix's 3DS debut. Each blog will be full of spoilers for the title, and because the story is the best thing about Dual Destinies, we recommend that if you have not played Dual Destinies, you do two things: one, don't read our blogs. Two, you drop everything you're doing, download Dual Destinies, play through it entirely, and then read our blogs. We are not joking about how perfect this game is. It is a perfect blend of real jaw-drop moments, comedy, and unreal tension. After I completed the game ahead of Xl9, I told him he would drop his 3DS from a certain moment in the game. Later, I found out my prediction was correct. I haven't done that with any other game in recent memory-not even Virtue's Last Reward.

Here is our planned schedule for Dual Destinies Week:

Day One-Top 30 Dual Destinies Moments (30-16)

Day Two-Top 30 Dual Destinies Moments (15-1)

Day Three-Ranking Dual Destinies’ New Characters

Day Four-Ranking Dual Destinies’ Breakdowns

Day Five-Ranking Dual Destinies' Nightmare Moments

Day Six-Ranking Dual Destinies’ Cases

Day Seven-Top Ten Songs in Dual Destinies

Well, that's it. Xl9 and I will see you all tomorrow for the start of a week full of OBJECTIONS!

If this doesn't sell you on Dual Destinies, I don't know what will.