A common thought that many of us have probably had while playing a game is "I wouldn't have done that" or "wow, that was awesome, I wish I'd thought of that idea before!". Since I love video game storytelling so much, I've often thought about how stories in games could have played out in different ways, and how I would have liked them to go. Conversely, I've also wanted to implement different gameplay mechanics and such into games, because of their ideas appealing to me as a gamer. Thus, we come to the idea of this blog-series that I've watched grow, and that I want to put my thoughts into.

I think about this series often.

Now, if it wasn't clear before, when I say "work on", I don't mean coding, making models, and doing tons of stuff I probably will never do. I mean from a purely creative role, I would "work on" these series. I would simply contribute story and gameplay mechanics to the team, and that's really it. Below, you will see these series of which I've often played around with in my head, and some of the ideas I have for them. Keep in mind, of course, that this isn't really me being original much, but just seeing "oh, this game has this story mechanic, so I'd like to use it this way!", and stuff like that. So, after a long hiatus of not blogging, here we go again!

7. Final Fantasy

I've only played Final Fantasy VI, VII, and XIII, but I have a lot of respect for the series. It must have done something right to survive this long, y'know? Sure, it's had its bumps, but the themes and stories told throughout the games have enchanted millions, and the upcoming Lightning Returns looks amazing enough to me to finally play through the previous two XIII titles. Because the series is really all separate entries (except the two that are prequel and sequel, though I won't say which are. :P), this entry is really more about my own original ideas, and just exploring steampunk worlds and stuff. I'd love to insert some time-travel stuff into it, but in a different way from XIII-2, or possibly multiple interlinked dimensions or some other sci-fi idea.

6. The World Ends with You

The DS cult hit has yet to see a sequel, even though one has been hinted at. It's had a profound effect on me, as I listen to it's OST constantly, and I was personally able to connect with Neku during the events of the game to make it feel more memorable. If I could get into the creative aspect of a new game, I'd have multiple paths I'd want to take. One would be continuing Neku's story, even though it technically was concluded after the events of the first game, and exploring his new outlook on life, and how he would deal with a re-entry into the Reaper's Game. Another would be keeping the game in Shibuya, and exploring the UG after Neku's three weeks, and how the Angels and Reapers had changed. Finally, having an entirely new setting, in some other part of the world even, could be interesting, though I am least hyped for this idea, because it would lose a lot of the Japanese culture this title had. 

5. Alan Wake

Alan Wake took the heart of Stephen King's darkest novels, and brought it to life in a game, with it's own twists. Since it's spin-off American Nightmare, I'd followed the hints and clues from Remedy's creative director Sam Lake about a potential sequel like a religion, until they stopped and decided to focus on Quantum Break instead. Whoopee. Oh well, it'll come to PC like Alan Wake did. In any case, I've got such a mental fixation on where the story is headed at this point that I want to actually get into Remedy and make it happen...almost. I'd actually rather make an original game in the same universe, with maybe a look at Thomas Zane's time on the island, or other locations in the world that have the unnatural power that Cauldron Lake has.

4. Kingdom Hearts

I love, love Kingdom Hearts. I've loved a lot of the fanfictions made for it, have thought about the characters over and over, and have beaten 358/2 Days multiple times, and name it the best DS RPG alongside The World Ends with You. Where my ideas lie with this game is really Roxas. I'd love, love to see a game look at the entirety of Roxas' life, from his original birth to whatever happens in the future of the series. I would make this game for Wii U, making the combat exactly like 358/2 Days, and revamping the panel system from it to have more longevity. I'd have each and every day playable, and fully flesh out the dynamic he, Axel, and Xion shared, because it was so good in 358/2 Days that I want more.

3. Pokémon

Do I need to say more? Pokémon Snap bonanza! I'd make a game for both the Wii U and the 3DS, and would go hardcore into creating interesting environments, and maybe adding some sort of little cute story into it also. Pokémon Snap is a very wonderful game, and well, it deserves a sequel! Also, I'd get in on making new entries in the Ranger and Mystery Dungeon series, but putting them back in 2D sprites, and having them go hardcore into new stories, because both Shadows of Almia and Explorers of Time are two of the best Pokémon games ever also. And, lastly...all the regions. One game. Wii U. I'd make it happen.

2. Half-Life

No, this isn't just so Half-Life 3 comes out. One of the most amazing ideas I think I've ever thought of concerns Half-Life, and I think it could be an amazing moment for the series if done right. Imagine this: Gordon gets on top of a Strider, jams in his crowbar into its brain, and then he gets to control it like a joystick. I love that idea so much, I really want to see it in a future title. And also, I'd like to really explore the series' lore, maybe look at the Resistance before Gordon showed up, or maybe some stuff on Xen. And of course, a game with Barney again.

1. Silent Hill

Surprised by my top pick? Yes, I'm picking a series I actually haven't even played...trust me, I really want to, but just never got around to getting one of them. I've watched playthoughs of several, as well as having read theories on the characters and such. I find the idea of the series to be so interesting, and it's sad to see the series on a downfall recently. I'd love, love, LOVE to be the director of a new one in the series, and really focus on the atmosphere of the game, create a story that was memorable, and introduce monsters that actually dealt with the protagonists and characters. The enemies throughout the series originally represented things (like sexual deprivation with the nurses), but the enemies became used over and over, and now nurses are really in every game. I want to create a story with a new story, diving into my own dark psyche maybe, or maybe doing another female protagonist since it's been awhile since the series hasn't had one in awhile. The idea of the town of Silent Hill is wonderful, and I'd love to get my hands on it.

Well, those are the seven series I want to work on. Do you have any desire to work creatively on a certain series? Sound off below, and woot, I actually managed to write something.