The Wii U is one hell of a machine. It has some impressive next-gen titles that look just as good or even better compared to ones on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and it's use of asymmetric single and multiplayer gaming is unique and fun. It has enough titles coming out in the next few months that I've actually decided to invest more money into my Wii U instead of getting a PlayStation 4. However, no one can deny the fact that it has been struggling since moving 3 million units in its first two weeks at launch, with sales slugging down to even below it's predecessor, the Wii. Even though Nintendo has tried it's best, the dwindling third-party support and unprepared for delays have wrought their terror. 

If only...

Because of this fact, lots of people have speculated about what Nintendo could do to really get up their sales and get the system profitable. Even though the 3DS has been doing very well, and the Wii U tanking wouldn't be devastating to Nintendo, the system being more profitable can only be a good thing. I sincerely hope that Nintendo does succeed with the Wii U, because they don't deserve the hate they've gotten for it, and it's not as underpowered as people think. So, below, I have ten ideas that I think should be taken by Nintendo in order to increase it's sales. Stick around at the bottom to see the one thing I actually hope they don't do, which may surprise you all. Also, these are in a list, but I am sort of feeling like the top 5 are about equal.

10. Work To Get An Unreal 4 Engine Game

No one ever said that Unreal 4 wouldn't work on Wii U-Epic Games just stated that they wouldn't officially work to get it on the system, but that other studios using the engine could work to do it themselves. The reason this is low on the list is because with the next generation, it seems like developers are using more of their own engines or one across an entire publisher instead of using Unreal. Getting an Unreal game though would help promote the system's own horsepower.

9. Push For Exclusive Third-Party Game Content Using The GamePad

The GamePad is the entire focus of the Wii U, and it seems like developers are ignoring it. Battlefield 4, Watch_Dogs, and other titles are including smartphone and tablet support for other players, but the player isn't guaranteed to have either of those devices-with the Wii U, the developer can know for sure that a player would be able to use that content. Nintendo could push for exclusive modes on their system to get more third parties on their system being sold. For example, Watch_Dogs has "60 minutes of exclusive content" on PlayStation 4. Well, what if the Wii U version had something else specifically with the GamePad? That exclusive content could probably be on all systems, but not something using the GamePad, unless the person was using a tablet, which, again, isn't guaranteed.

8. Show How Nintendo Is Just As Committed To Indies As Sony Is

Sure, Sony's shown off how they have basically half of all indie developers working on games for PS4 and Vita (not true, but basically a lot), but that doesn't mean they're the indie king. People seem to disregard the fact that Nintendo has talked to over 1000 indie developers about bringing their game(s) to Wii U. 1000. They should be commended for attempting to branch out and support the indie community, and they should have Nintendo Directs only about indie developers. Having Iwata do some Iwata Asks features with indie developers would really show how committed they are. Being an indie powerhouse like the PS4 would be really beneficial, especially if Nintendo got more exclusives and exclusive content.

7. Partner with Crytek For An Exclusive CryEngine Game

Crytek's engine CRYEngine has been praised in each iteration for offering some of the most realistic graphics ever, and requiring powerful specs to run. Crytek has said that the Wii U almost got Crysis 3, though it's suspected that the rumored EA/Nintendo fallout hindered that. And recently, Crytek announced it's got a new iteration of the CRYEngine, and guess what? Wii U can run it. What could be better to show off how powerful the Wii U actually is? Having something like this could totally counter Ryse, and also be a good third party boost for them. Having something even like an original Crysis game would be amazing.

6. Get Someone To Start Putting GameCube Games On The eShop

Grezzo is a studio that started in 2006, whose most known work is Ocarina of Time 3D. I'm not saying that they have to go to that level with GameCube games-but just imagine if Nintendo could get a developer like Grezzo to make old titles like Melee and Four Swords Adventures available on the eShop, and on the GamePad? I think quite a few people would leap at that opportunity.

5. Officially Announce Zelda U

Yeah, we know it exists. We know it's probably going to be announced, title and all, in the next few months, but honestly, this is what people want a lot. Zelda always pushes Nintendo's system's capabilities, and takes it to new heights, and makes some people consider purchasing a Nintendo console for it. It's close to happening, but doing it now can only help people who will be spurred to buy the console now in anticipation.

4. Announce A New Metroid

A series that has fallen from grace is Metroid. Everyone knows that. From the awesomeness of Super Metroid and the Prime series, to the Team Ninja game no one asked for, Metroid has seen its better days. A new direction toward the old could be exactly what the Wii U needs-the series' attention to detail and exploration could be a must-have for some people, and really turn some heads.

3. Start Marketing All Over

If this was a list of things I would change about the Wii U, it would be the name. Despite Nintendo trying to be clever with their name titles, it's backfired to people thinking that the system is the same as the Wii. Marketing the heck out of it, touting it's next-gen capabilities could be a big help. Even just a simple commercial that had "first we did the Wii, now we tried something completely new", that really highlighted it being completely new, would help break some consumer confusion. I mean, I have a friend whose mom brought uDraw tablets because she thought it was a Wii U...

2. Show Off A New Pokémon With Online and 3DS Compatability

Many, many people are already buying 3DS's in anticipation of X and Y. I know that everyone has said it, but really, putting a Pokémon title on Wii U-a full-fledged, AAA title-would raise sales quite a bit. It doesn't need to be Crysis with it's graphics, but if it looks anything like the rumored Wii U game, than some people will be very happy. Adding in transfer capabilities between the two systems on a greater level than the Battle Revolution and Diamond/Pearl/Platinum connections, as well as having a robust online framework, could create a community as large as some other first-person shooter communities. Pokémon sells consoles. 

1. Wii Sports U

This sort of goes in with marketing the console, but creating this title would definitely sell a lot of units. Imagine if Nintendo actually made the game very robust, adding in tons of activities, mini-games, and really using the GamePad in unique ways, people would buy it. I have little brothers who STILL want to play Wii Sports on my Wii U at times, and these are kids who play COD and Minecraft. Would anyone be opposed to making something like this? I don't think so. I'm not a sports fan, but honestly, the Wii series has a lot of fun games, and just, well, having an exclusive Wii Sports title on Wii U would really, really boost sales, even in the gaming community. 

Now, a lot of you are probably about to go comment about how stupid I am for not including for Nintendo to simply give the console a price-drop. I'm here to say that NO, that should NOT happen, I feel. First, the console is ALREADY being sold at a loss, and requires at least one game to be bought to be profitable. Dropping the already-$100-less-than-other-next-gen's-price would just mean that Nintendo would be losing more money. Sure, in a couple years, a price drop would be good but really...if people aren't buying the Wii U at $300, I don't know what to tell you. Nintendo took a hit for the consumers, launching it at a low price, and everyone hates on them for making it so expensive. The GamePad makes it expensive, and if you don't like that, I'm sorry. I think the price is fine, and honestly, the console has enough content now to attract more of my attention than my 360 ever did. It has tons of great games coming out soon, and in a year, it's library will at least rival that of the other two next-gen consoles, with Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8, possibly a new Zelda title, indie support, X, and of course, Super Smash Bros.

Well, those are my thoughts. Disagree about the price drop? Think Wii Sports U would be dumb? Sound off below...and please, no hating on the Wii U or Nintendo. They've done more than Sony or Microsoft will ever do for me.