For all the people out there who don't understand binary, that says this is Day 32. It does NOT mean that I am continuing this 31/31 into the future, but that I'm just announcing something special. I know, I know, I did this with Project Dive into the Heart, which I still have yet to complete (I'm a few hours into the original game, and it still hasn't clicked again-I'm deciding, not to cancel it, but update it simply over...well, however long I stay on GIO, which will hopefully be a long time. Anyway, this project will be more and less ambitious than that project, because it will require less time investment (playing every single Kingdom Hearts game would undoubtedly take over 100 hours)...but, I don't really have tons of people, waiting on that...that, er, could happen with, no, it won't. I can dream, can't I?

*Ahem, slams down* I don't know what this is for. This gif, I mean. I just needed a header image.

On my profile page, I have listed my old fanfiction account that has a couple fanfictions I started, but never finished...well, now, you may guess, I'm trying again. However, this isn't going to be like my other fanfictions I did, where it was too ambitious, and I planned out too many plot twists that I couldn't handle. I was stupid back then with writing it, so, with this fanfiction, I'm deciding a couple things: it will not exist based on one universe, moreover, it will be an alternate modern time, and will have multiple references to multiple video games. I may end up using concepts from other games as well, such as Nobodies from Kingdom Hearts, but ultimately, I want this to be as original as I can. I'm also going to try and not have one major goal with it-or one major endgoal, I should say. I'm going to try and make this more organic, and I guess, it'll be like LOST-where they just write stuff for an episode, instead of having one planned plotline. I never watched that show, but whatever...:P

So, yeah...I'm writing an original story, but calling it a fanfiction, because of the multiple references to some of my favorite franchises. It'll be posted here, on GIO, for this reason, as well as that the community here is so strong, and I've gotten to know tons of you now. Also, I'm planning on doing...unique things with this fanfiction, if it goes well, and I feel like it, I may try these unique things out...but those are for later. Originally, below, I was going to write a sort of, well, prelude to it...but I really had a writer's block, and couldn't get anything out. Boy, that's a great sign, huh?

Well, instead of that, I'll talk a little bit about what plans I DO have the fanfiction. It's going to be fantasy-like, of course, but it'll take place in a modern setting, at least part of the time. It will be cliche, but I'll try to make it interesting. I've really wanted to write an original-ish story for a long time, and now, I'm finally going to pursue it. It won't have a regular update schedule, but more, I'll let it flow, and come to me. Hopefully that doesn't result in long writing blocks, but...whatever, what happens, happens. Anyway, if you have any actual questions about the story, I'll answer them, if I have an answer. XD But yup...that's all I have...OR IS IT?!

JANUARY 1ST. 2014. 12:01 AM.

(credit to xl9 for the picture-awesome job bro!)