Well, um, I didn't know I was supposed to do a blog of my own character...so, well, guess I'm doing that now. I'm going to rewrite what I gave to Tim for his official posting (I wrote that out quick, I didn't know it was going to be a copy/paste thing. :P), so it looks more official, and my awesomeness is more defined. ;) Tim, if you want to, you can replace what I gave you with everything below this point.

Here's my personal artwork. Guh, I don't care how bad that nose is.

Character Name: The Hero of Destiny

Description: A young adult with the powers of both fire and darkness, and a sense of justice, seeks to defeat all the opponents he faces. His only problem is that his powers are almost always limited, he's clumsy, and he likes video games too much. Besides having powers, he also wields a sleek sword for quick attacks, and wears red headphones. He wears a black sweatshirt that has rolled up sleeves, and dark blue jeans. He wears a bracelet that displays that he has 9 BP, signaling he has completed the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition.

Moveset: (All damage percentages are normal)

A-Horizontal Swipe

AA-Backhand Horizontal Swipe

AAA-Roundhouse Kick (deals Knockback damage)

Down A-pushes out a wave of fire-the longer it's held, the farther the wave pushes out.

Side A-Swings sword like a baseball bat

Up A-Swings sword in an arc above head once

Dash A-Trips, on fire, slight damage


B attack-powers up and throws ball of fire/darkness (like Samus' power beam)

Side B-does a quick, light shadow slash

Down B-pushes out a wave of darkness

Up B-surrounded by shadows, gets a nice jump (like Fox's up B)

Final Smash-The Destroyer: powers become fully unleashed-sword becomes cloaked in fire and darkness, gains double damage, moves slightly faster, and hood goes up. Lasts for 15 seconds. Starts off with a large Ace Attorney style lettering "BRING IT!"


Grab-takes headphones off, slams them on opponents head, keeps them clamped there.

Grab-Attack-makes music louder, also clamps harder.

Throw-does a spin, throws far away-damage determines how far.

Ledge Attack-pulls self up, does a low swipe with sword.

Taunt 1-shrugs Edgeworth style 

Taunt 2-Puts hands in pockets, rocks on balls of feet

Taunt 3-Looks at bracelet, pushes in the buttons on it.

Idle-Falls asleep standing up, shakes head, wakes up.

Idle Special-Texts on phone

Alt costumes:

1-Dressed like Sigma Klim

2-Dressed like Neku Sakuraba

3-Dressed in a Male Pikachu outfit

4-Dressed like Phoenix Wright (disbarred)

5-Hair turns dark brown, loses sweatshirt, and headphones turn black.


Entrance-runs in from a door in the background, trips, faceplants onto the ground, before jumping back up.

Win 1-Sleeps standing up, before waking back up.

Win 2-Holds hands over headphones while tapping feet, and eyes closed.

Win 3-Tries to act cool with sword, but ends up dropping it, and gives a cheeky grin.

Win Music-a few seconds of Ambidexterity

Loss-Curled up in ball, rocking back and forth, streams of tears falling to the floor.

Home Stage- Similar to Final Destination, because it has one long platform and a pit on both sides. Many different images from various Zero Escape, The World Ends with You, and Ace Attorney locations appear.

Something special about Hero is that he trips twice as often, though he is a fast character, and jumps higher than most other humanoid characters. At the 100% damage mark, he gains a 10% miss rate, which increases by another 10% for each 100% damage. The increased damage makes him weary. However, getting his final smash clears that up completely, as well as creating double damage, which makes him very powerful, if used right.

Well, that's my revision of my character for GIO All Smashed Up. I hope you guys enjoyed, and support for me to win the fights! :D And tomorrow's the last day of the 31/31, so look for something very special! See you all then.