The World Ends with You came out 5 years ago, in 2008; 6 if you assume the original 2007 Japanese release. I played it for the first time at the beginning of 2012, but that didn't make it any less impactful than if I'd have played it back then, because the game now stands in my top 5 games of all time, and is my favorite game for the original Nintendo DS. It's one of the most unique games ever made, and I'm eager to see if a sequel ever comes to light. Since it's Sunday, and I have little time, I've decided to do a Top Ten Moments again, this time for this game.

Such awesome art.

For anyone wondering, I WON'T be including the secret ending, because I, er...never got it not everyone has seen it/knows of its existence, so that's why. Not much else to say here, so we'll just get to it.

10. "The world ends with you"

This quote summarizes Neku talking with Sanae Hanekoma, who is an enigma to the Reapers' Game. Actually an Angel, Hanekoma is meant to guide Players throughout the Game, and acts as the Producer by doing so. The little moments between them are nice ones, and make the admiration and suspicion Neku harbors about him later in the Game better.

9. Beat Becomes Neku's Partner

After the first week, Beat decides to become a Reaper in order to try and get his sister Rhyme back from being erased. At the beginning of the third week, Neku has no partner, and Beat decides to stop being a Reaper and join him. The moment was touching for me, and since he's my favorite of the three partners, and the relationship between the two in the third week is amazing.

8. Rhyme Dies Sacrificing Herself for Beat

Even though Rhyme doesn't remember that Beat is her brother, she still pushes him out of the way when they get attacked by a large Noise. It's something that's foreshadowed in the previous scene, and the impact this moment has for everything in the later two weeks is huge, considering it leads to Beat becoming a Reaper.

7. Shiki Reveals Her True Nature

Throughout the first week, Shiki is Neku's partner, and seems like a bubbly, fashion-loving girl. But, after being taunted by Higazawa about her entry fee, she breaks down, and reveals that she gave up her appearance, and how she looks is actually her friend's appearance. It's something unique I didn't see coming, and gives the story a small flavor separate form the main plotline, that I appreciate.

6. Meeting Minamimoto

The fan favorite character of the game, Sho Minamimoto is the ultimate math freak. He calls his enemies yoctograms, screams "SINE! COSINE! TANGENT!", among other things, and builds heaps of garbage that are mathematically sound, I guess. The first time he appears, he's sitting on his perfect pile of garbage, and uses his megaphone. This moment is so awesome, and his character is so great that the game is worth playing solely because of him.

5. The Red Pins Control Is Made Apparent

During the first week, Neku and Shiki are tasked with making the above pin popular in Shibuya, and they do so by wearing it in battle. This pin later comes up again, since it does become very popular, and people who wear it begin to chant mindlessly. It controls normal people, as well as Reapers, and it's when Neku and Beat realize this that things aren't, well, normal.

4. The Ending

When I say the ending, I mean the final, final scene, with Beat, Rhyme, Neku, and Shiki by the Hachiko statute, and seeing that the four of them will continue to spend time together. Also, the player realizes that Joshua has let Shibuya stay intact, and so everything is good. It's just, a wholesome moment, and if of course has Shiki's true appearance at the end. I just, well, love that the story ends happy for the four of them, and it's amazing.

3. Fighting Kitanji 

When I say this, I mean the first fight against him, not his noise form, Draco Cantus. You fight him in some lounge for the Reapers, and so the boss fight is a unique one, graphically. Also, Beat is forced to fight a possessed Shiki, so the brief twist is a nice one for the fight. Story wise, you know that you're fighting the Conductor, but I found it just, weird, because Minamimoto was still in the room behind, and the Composer hadn't been revealed yet. Also, this fight is hard, considering Kitanji can pause time.

2. Waking Up In the Scramble Crossing

This moment happens four times in the game: waking up each week, and also in the ending when Neku finally gets out of the Reaper's Game. The first is one of confusion, the second two are ones of "time for this again", and the final one has Neku yell "WHAT THE HELL!?", considering he thinks he's in the game again (but he's not-you can see people looking at him confused, showing he's alive). Each is familiar, but I just like this moment a lot, and it is so iconic for the game, it deserves this high spot.

1. Joshua Reveals He's the Composer, and Shoots Neku

After the erasure of Kitanji, Joshua gives Neku an ultimatum: play a game with him, with the winner being the new Composer of Shibuya, ultimately deciding the world's fate. The game involves who shoots first, and while Neku first holds the gun up, he then drops it, and tears fall from his eyes. This moment had me crying too, because I felt the emotional drain Neku was feeling-the person he ended up thinking had sacrificed himself for him, had actually manipulated him. This moment is wonderful, and I hope any sequel for the game has something as great as this.

Well, that's if for this Top Ten entry. Agree or disagree? Not enough Konishi and Hiagawa love? Sound off below.

Well, I hope there are comments. :P