Spoilers for 999: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors/Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, Alan Wake, OverBlood 2, Dishonored

Okay, so, when I say "meta-human", I'm not saying like, X-Men. When the idea for this top ten came to my head, it was, well, specific to what I was thinking of. There are multiple conditions that must be in place for a group to be in a list. I'll go into those in a second, but first, I'm going to say this: if you rage at me for not including something, it is either (a) not under the conditions, or (b) something I did not consider. So please, no one rage at there being no Dragornborn or anything.

Okay, Kondo isn't a Traveler, but whatever!

Now, for those conditions I talked about. Again, if you think there's an entry that should be on here, you can take that up in the comments, and I'll explain that I either forgot/didn't think that group should be included. 

  • Condition 1: The group must include multiple persons, and each person have basically the same abilities.
  • Condition 2: The group must be either basically human, originally (and still pretty human), or humans themselves. No fantasy groups, or aliens.
  • Condition 3: The members of the group must past for normal humans on sight.
  • Condition 4: The group must have some defining ability/role normal humans do not.

I hope that clarifies the idea I had for this blog. If there's anything else that seems weird with this idea, hopefully the list itself makes sense. So, let's start.

10. Creators

This entry is, hopefully, one you'll all agree as being the lamest of these all, because really, what'e unique about these people is that they have creative talent. Those in the Alan Wake universe that are writers, musicians, poets, and other things, and maybe just do it well enough, have their works brought to life by the force within Cauldron Lake-the Dark Presence. This entry is also kinda the most loose, since it's not really known if any creative person can have their works affected by Cauldron Lake, but still, I thought to include this entry, since the group's members have had lasting effects.

9. Sirens

There are only a few Sirens in the universe, but they are pretty cool. They all have special "Phase" powers, like Phaselock, and Phasewalk, those of Maya and Lilith, respectively. I'm not a huge fan of the Sirens, personally, because I never used them in Borderlands. But whatever, they are cool gals, and the other Sirens we don't know of could possibly have even neater powers.

8. Carriers

The Left 4 Dead survivors don't have really anything special about them, save that they are, well, immune from the infection, unlike 99.7% of humanity or whatever. So, they get to survive, run around, and spread the virus to others who aren't immune! Good job guys!

7. Travelers

*insert comment that Destroyer is too nice to the OverBlood series* Hey, whatever, you have to admit the concept for Travelers is cool. They're like some weird offset of humans that have special powers, and so, I thought to include them. Being in OverBlood doesn't make them any less cool.

6. Spirit Mediums

The Spirit Mediums of the Fey Clan in the Ace Attorney universe are very gifted, with the main line almost always having great channeling powers, and the branching families decent ones. While there has been disturbance within the Fey Clan over the years, it still survives and lives on. Also, they're able to see when people are lying through their Magatamas-that's pretty awesome.

5. Those Marked by the Outsider

Granted, we only know of a couple people in the entire Dishonored universe who actually have been touched by the Outsider, but it's implied many more have been given his mark, before Corvo, and also after his efforts.

4. Assassins

Yeah, the Assassin Brotherhood is probably what you guys are saying should be number one. Well, they are deserving of the top 5 in my book, and do some awesome things, and have awesome abilities. From passed on physical abilities, to Eagle Vision, and the code they abide by, the Assassins are the most vast and most organized on this list-they're a bit lower though because there are groups with more awesome powers than seeing your target in a crowd...

3. Espers

In the Zero Escape universe, there are people with the ability to communicate their own thoughts to others, across space, and even time. In 999, the protagonist Junpei eventually becomes able to communicate with his best friend in the past, in order to save her life. I'm not exactly sure if Sigma from the sequel, Zero Escape, could be considered the same, because what he's able to do is basically slingshot his consciousness across time and space to himself somewhere and sometime else. Yeah, sounds weird, I know, but when you play and understand, it's awesome. Still, the ability Junpei and others like Clover and Snake of the first game is known as belonging to espers, so I'm including them based off that. 

2. Reapers

The Reapers run the Reapers' Game in The World Ends with You, and can basically be considered demons. The least human on this list, I decided to include them because they do appear to normal humans as looking normal, and thus they can interact with them. As far as abilities go, they can summon, and sometimes turn into, Noise, which are monsters within the universe. They have their wings, of course, and can glide around, and there's just a certain air about them that makes them awesome to me.

1. Nobodies

Yes, yes, I know, listing the entirety of Nobodies includes the weird guys with zipper mouths that are not human, but I'm mainly focusing on the strongest Nobodies: Organization XIII. Formed when a person with a strong heart loses their heart to darkness, the body of the person still functions, and is a Nobody...even though they are basically "A Body"...well, yeah. Nobodies sometimes have special abilities, but mainly all don't have hearts, and thus no emotions, as well as the ability to use magic, and move between worlds of light and darkness freely. Each usually also has their own signature weapon, and magic use, and I think that they are the coolest sort of group in gaming that is close to being human, but isn't.

Well, there's my list for today. I'm just going to finish off here...hope you guys enjoyed this, and I'll see you tomorrow...