Left 4 Dead 2 is the game I've spent more time with than any other. Its vast array of modes has kept me coming back after periods where I tried not to play, and once I did come back, I couldn't leave. From Versus, to Scavenge, to the numerous fan-made add-on campaigns, there's plenty of content to make the game worth a purchase. However, during my play times, I've also learned quite a bit of things that I didn't expect to, and so, I thought I would share them today with you all.

First, some people suffer from thumb loss.

Before we start, I'd like to clarify something: these things I've learned are 100% fake fact, and you can check Wikipedia, it'll back me up. I'll try to cram every single dumb thing fact I can into this blog, so please, don't feel overwhelmed. Alright, let's get this hilarity teaching started! Oh, and I've conveniently separated everything I've learned into multiple categories, so you guys won't see stuff about grenade launchers and then pills. So, let's get to it!

Health Kits, Pills, Adrenaline Shots, and Defibrillators


In Left 4 Dead 2, the survivors have three ways to regain health: use a medkit on themselves, or take pills or an adrenaline shot for temporary relief. While all three seem like they should work perfectly in real life, the way they are used in the game implies that they are used differently than how we use them. This has taught me valuable knowledge if I'm ever in a pinch.

Health Kits: These packs are easy to lug around, considering just touching one automatically puts it on your back, ready to go. Now, what if, say, you're pounded into the ground for a few seconds, or stand in acid too long? Well, simply use a health pack, and you'll be totally fine. Just wrap the gauze around two of your limbs, and you will automatically feel much better. Don't listen to nurses saying that using one needs to be done slowly and carefully-they just want you in the hospital longer so you pay more. Even if you've been ripped apart, pounded, and have fallen down two stories, a health kit will get you alright in no time at all.

Pain Pills: Louis' favorite treat, the pain pills used in Left 4 Dead 2 are probably one of the biggest things I've learned about. If you're low on health in the game, you just shove an entire bottle of the little things down your throat, and you're good to go! It doesn't last super long, but now I know, if I'm ever feeling down, instead of just taking one, I'll have the whole bottle.

Adrenaline Shot: This drug performs miracles to the survivors, and now, I know I need to keep one by if I'm doing any tasks. For example, if I'm ever pouring gas into a generator, I just need to pop one of these babies and I pour the gas in twice as fast. I never thought of this at first, because making your body move faster shouldn't technically make the gas come out of the can faster, but well, the game shows it does.

Defibrillators: Defibrillators are meant to bring someone back to life if their heart stops, but in reality, they can always be used to bring someone back to life, no matter how they died. They died from too much physical trauma? "CLEAR!" They died from stepping in acid? "CLEAR!" Left 4 Dead 2 has shown me I don't need to worry ever again about the loss of a loved one-I just rub the paddles together, and bam, they're alive.

Guns, Grenade Launchers, and Melee Weapons

(NOTE: I know that below I kinda...hit controversial ground...I don't mean offense in any way, to anyone, and I'm sorry if the joke about friendly fire is too immature...)

Friendly Fire: I mean, why are gun laws such a hot topic right now? Left 4 Dead 2 has taught me that if you're with someone, as their friend, shooting them will cause them virtually no harm. Whenever I've accidentally shot a teammate, they've always shrugged it off, and have told me to be more careful. Well, the only way that could've happened is because we're all friends, so we wouldn't be able to hurt one another! :D Friendship!

Grenade Launcher Jump: I now know what to do if there's ever a flood! I just need a friend, and a grenade launcher! I'll simply just from a high place, and then my friend can shoot me with a grenade launcher so I fly high up, and then I'll be somewhere save, like the top of a building. Left 4 Dead 2 has such valuable knowledge, I'd never have thought of this!

Attacking Through Metal Bars: While in saferooms in Left 4 Dead 2, the common infected will sometimes come up and try to break the door down. Sure, you can just shoot through the metal, but why waste bullets? You can simply take a melee weapon and attack at the metal bars. You don't need to shove your arms through, simply attack the zombie in front of you, and bam, they're dead. 



Throwing Cans: This is valuable tip to know for the zombie apocalypse. Say you need gas, but while you're running to get some of it in cans, the zombies come after you, and someone needs to cover you, and you can't carry two at once. Well, instead of making the trip twice, just throw the cans. I know what you're thinking-throw a can of gas, that you may be able to throw 5 feet, at most? Well, I'm here to tell you, that's a common misconception. What you need to do is throw the can, and, at the very same time, shove it while in midair. The can will now go flying forward to where you send it, drastically reducing the distance you need to carry it, and you can just throw multiple cans at once.

Cities are Fake: Whenever someone dies when I'm playing scavenge by falling off the rooftop, they land in area below that has is just a stretch of emptiness, and further observation in the spectator mode shows that all the buildings in the distance don't really exist: considering everything else I'd seen before this, I can only conclude that cities are actually fake.

Ladders: Speaking of carrying cans of gas-in Scavenge, and other modes, you can carry gas cans up ladders. Furthermore, you can actually jump onto ladders, along with a gas can, which seems implausible to me. However, thinking it over, I think I've realized that a ladder is actually the one doing the moving: when I climb the ladder with my gas can, I don't see my hands in the game, so it must be that the ladder is pushing me up with some force. Wow, I never knew we'd gone to far ahead in technology!

Well, that's all the teachings I have for today-I hope you all have learned some valuable information to use in the future!