While not a problem for all gamers, some of have really felt the sting of a game not being localized. Sometimes, it's because it wouldn't be profitable for the company to do so, or simply because there isn't enough of an outcry for the game. Regardless, a game not being localized can hurt, and that's what I thought about writing today.


There are countless games that we of the Americas, Europe, and Australia have missed due to the Japanese versions not being localized, and that's my main focus. I'm not really aware of any games that have come out of Europe that we in the US haven't gotten, so there aren't any of those. And, these are games that I think should be localized-again, there are probably more out there, but these are ones I've seen, and have come up with. So, let's start!

7. New Love Plus

This game isn't something I'm dying for, nor is it a must-buy in my eyes, but it does seem to do what it accomplishes. I'm admittedly a sucker for sappy romantic fanfictions at times, and well, I might like this game, who knows. Anyway, just because we aren't Japan, doesn't mean there isn't an audience here for the game-I'd give it a try.

6.  Freshely-Pickled Tingle's Rosy Rupee Land

I know this game looks weird, but hey, it has Tingle. While it has come both to Europe and Japan, the game hasn't been released on American shores, which is a bummer, since I would legitimately give this game a try. I mean, sure, Nintendo knows people think Tingle is weird, but why make a game about him and release it outside of Japan if it's terrible? From what we saw of the GI staff playing the game, it looks like it has unique concepts, so I'd try it.

5. E.X. Troopers

This game is apparently an anime sort of spin-off of Capcom's Lost Planet franchise, which I sadly have yet to play. However, I have followed the news on this game for awhile on some websites, and it looks intriguing as a third person shooter for the 3DS. The graphics look appealing, the characters seem to be engaging, and I assume it has style and some story about resources or something that won't win awards, but one I'll enjoy. I'd like to give this game a try, at least.

4. Nanashi No Game

Literally translating to "The Game with No Name", this title is what inspired me to write this blog for today, since I'd thought about it before, but I found out about this game today, and well, it sounded pretty awesome. The game is a horror game like The Ring for Nintendo DS, as you can see, and, as a twist, the cursed object in the game is actually an NES cartridge, which, if played, will cause someone to die within a week. That's all I've found out about the game, and it sounds amazing. Sure, the chances of it coming here are zero, since it's been years since it's release, but I think it should be something that should be experienced by a larger audience, because it sounds like it was attempting to break new barriers for the DS.

3. Youkai Watch

Here's a game not many people probably know about. A title from Level-5, makers of Professor Layton and Ni No Kuni, Youkai Watch is a game sort of like Pokemon, and has the protagonist find a capsule machine in the woods that he receives the titular Youkai Watch, that lets him see and interact with, what I understand, are spirits called Youkai. They are invisible to most people, and end up in funny positions, as you can see in the trailer. I'd really like to try this game out sometimes, because it just looks to be another great addition to the 3DS library.

2. Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney

This title's reveal was the moment I have freaked out more than any other time, well, ever. While it's been years since that moment, we still have no confirmation of this title coming to the West, and admittedly, the game has fallen a bit of my radar at times. But no matter: this game has one of the best crossovers imaginable, and is something I'm still anticipating. While it's been said the game doesn't completely deliver, I still want to try it out for myself before I make a final judgement.

1. Gyakuten Kenji 2

If you know me, this shouldn't come as a big surprise. I may be stoked for Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, but considering how I watch the trailers for this title much more than the aforementioned crossover, I think this deserves my personal top spot. Miles Edgeworth's second game is a direct sequel chronologically to the original Ace Attorney Investigations, and my love for the first game makes me want to play this game very much. The story of this game, about the Prosecutor Purge, as well as there being one part where you play as his father, Gregory Edgeworth, makes me just want this game even more. News of this game being localized would make me extremely happy, and would make it's release one of my most anticipated, save Ace Attorney 5. All I can say is...bring it here, Capcom, please, bring it here.

Well, those are 7 games I feel like should be localized. Again, there are more out there, but I just came up with my personal list of games I could think of. If you have any games you wanted localized, sound off below.

And yup...these are all DS/3DS games...