Here it is, the final part of The Wonderful 101. I'm glad you guys have enjoyed it thus far, to those who've kept reading. Like I mentioned in the first part, at the bottom, below the final list, I'm going to have some interesting statistics, as well as some that are just dumb and exist for comedy. You'll see them at the bottom...but for now...let's finish this list.

The Wonderful 101 Part 1

The Wonderful 101 Part 2


Miles Edgeworth

The man I named the most Ace Attorney is Miles Edgeworth, and he is many things. Intelligent. Sophisticated. Charming to women over the age of 60. And, well, pretty awesome. Edgeworth has tons of class, and his character opens up more and more over the series, to where he loses some of his cold cruelty and determination to convict any defendant to a pursuit of the truth. Miles Edgeworth is one of my favorite characters of all, the only thing to say is...WHY CAN'T WE SEE MORE OF HIS AWESOMENESS IN GYAKUTEN KENJI 2!?

Miror B

Some of you are wondering who this guy is. Some of you, if you know who this is, are probably laughing in an approving way at him being included. Miror B is an enemy in Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD; Gale of Darkness, In Gale of Darkness, he just goes around random parts of the world, and you can challenge him after a part of the story, and he always has an all Ludicolo team, save a Shadow Pokemon. He's just a hilarious character, and he has one of the best battle themes ever.

Mr. Scratch

Alan Wake's evil counterpart in Alan Wake's American Nightmare is, well, insane. He murders people in front of Wake, has the most insane grin, and is a wonderfully crafted villain. While the spin-off to Alan Wake wasn't my favorite title, I do love the character or Mr. Scratch, as he mercilessly taunts Wake during the few hours the campaign takes.


Kairi's Nobody is shy, quiet, and plays a seemingly minor role through Kingdom Hearts, because she's usually in the background, and doesn't interact as much with Sora and the other main characters of the series. However, she is an intriguing character, because of her special powers, and the situations she finds herself in. Also uh, I confess...I'm a Sora x Namine shipper. 

Neku Sakuraba

Oh yeah, possibly my favorite character ever here, since I share a lot in common with him. The "emoness", the introverted tendencies...well, yeah, Neku is kinda emo, and so am I at times, so yep. I love his character-his design, the headphones, and his eventual change and determination, and standing up for his's all, so beautiful...


His character art is a little weird, but this is Ozzie from Chrono Trigger, one of Magus' right-hand Fiends. Why is he here? Well, he's just that little comic relief during some parts of the game...and of course..."Ozzie's in a pickle!".

Your Partner

During my playthroughs of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, I always had my partner be a Pikachu named Luke. Why? I just felt like it. Anyway, your partner in the Mystery Dungeon games is always supportive, and a great companion. I liked my adventure with this companion more than mine with Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite, because it was just, personal and charming.

Pearl Fey

Yay Pearls! Pearl is, well, just awesome. Her innocent but wise demeanor, and determination to get Maya and Phoenix together is just, adorable. She brings a softer side to the cases sometimes, and also adds drama to the story, and, most importantly-she gives Phoenix his Magatama.


Phi, I love you is an awesome character. She's attractive intelligent, sexy clever, and downright one of my favorite characters ever. I love her design, her attitude, her humor, and just, everything. Marry me Be just as awesome in Zero Escape III, Phi!

Phoenix Wright

Another one of my very favorite character, and lawyers for that matter, Phoenix Wright is, well, great. His determination and belief in his clients always shines, and he always catches the true criminal. Even in the face of losing his badge, he stands tall, and makes do off playing poker. Simply put-it's Phoenix Wright, he's one of the best characters ever.

Professor Layton

This professor of history and archaeology is a first-class gentleman, through and through, though pointing at people can be a bit rude sometimes.Regardless, Professor Layton is a great character, and in the face of danger, always comes through with a solution. His wits and puzzle-solving abilities are, and will continue to be, legend.

Pyramid Head

This Silent Hill enemy doesn't ever talk, and doesn't appear on screen for half the game, but he's relentless. Slowly trudging along with his Great Knife after James Sunderland, the true nature of Pyramid Head's relation to James Sunderland is well thought out, and started sort of a slew of other similar human-monster relationships in the Silent Hill games.

Quercus Alba

This man is the ambassador to Allebahst, a small European country in the Ace Attorney universe. He initially appears as an old, crippled man, but eventually, he shows his true colors. While he only appears in one case in the entire Ace Attorney series, my time with him was memorable, and playing that case again, it's been a treat to see his character play out.


This cyborg ninja is usually doing one of two things: being cut apart and losing limbs, or doing the same to someone else. Despite how many times Raiden's been cut down, he's always come back. Despite some people thinking of him as a pretty-boy, I like Raiden's character-the balance between justice and the Ripper is fun, and made Metal Gear Rising an enjoyable game.


Raynie is Marco's partner in Radiant Historia, and is one who is loyal to Stocke, as well as being a good person in general. Again, like Marco, she doesn't have some big reveal, but her character was so likable I always kept her I my party throughout the game.


Reyn was my favorite new character last year. He doesn't go through any huge reveal, but he simply has an amazing personality. He's bold, brash, cheerful, friendly, and has great one-liners. I ALWAYS had him in my party...ALWAYS. Reyn is simply the best.

River Wyles

River's story in To the Moon is the main centerpiece next to Johnny's. Simply put, their story together was heartwarming, heart-wrenching, and well, I loved it, so much, because of they themselves as characters. I anxiously am awaiting to see what Freebird will do in their next installment.


Wow, this is embarrassing...I forgot about Roxas...sorry Revolver Ocelot, but I like Roxas that's why I was missing one on my list. :P Well, anyway, Roxas! Sora's Nobody is one of my favorite Kingdom Hearts characters, and the one I think who goes through the most-the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 2 shows this. I really love his character, a lot.

Samus Aran

Samus Aran is the original strong female lead in a video game. Everyone just assumed it was a guy in that powersuit, but no, it was a girl. She's strong yet silent, but will speak her mind when the need arises. Her determination and ability to traverse unexplored caverns and areas all alone is an admirable feat, and disregarding some game I refuse to mention, she's one of the strongest females in gaming.

Senator Steven Armstrong

NANOMACHINES, SON! This Senator is quite possibly my favorite new character this year (though I can tell it's going to end up being Jin Yuugami), because of the charisma he brings. He just, seems different from other villains, and despite the actions he tries to take, I agreed with some of the things he said. Despite being a not-so-great boss fight, I really enjoyed his character.


Sharla sort of falls into the stereotypical "the woman is the healer" idea, because she is a healer, and for that reason, I always had her in my party. However, that doesn't mean she's weak. She does have one move that can instantly kill an enemy in a chain attack. She's also a great character, showing her caring for her brother, while also wondering what happened to her fiance, though not worrying endlessly over him like someone who's dependent. 

Shiki Misaki

Shiki is Neku's first partner in The World Ends with You, and I loved her character. She's a great contrast to Neku, and their constant bickering is great for both their characters. I was sad to have to have other characters with me as my partner, but all in all, I really enjoyed her character.

Shi-Long Lang

I'll be honest-this guy was actually an inspiration for this entire series. Lang is an Interpol agent in the Ace Attorney universe, and frequently quotes his ancestor, with "Lang Zi says". He's cruel, bashful, and is all around a neat character. I really want to play Ace Attorney Investigations 2 to see his character more in that game.

Sho Minamimoto

Minamimoto is a math freak. From yelling "INFINITY" as a battle cry, to calling those inferior to him yoctograms, he's a fan-favorite of The World Ends with You fanbase, and I'm no exception. He has an awesome character design and personality, and I really hope he's in any future installments, in any form.


The protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles doesn't do tons special. He's hell-bent on revenge, typical of RPG protagonists, but I like him a lot. He's determined, thinks tactically, and is a strong fighter, even when facing great adversaries.


Sigma is the protagonist of my favorite game of all time...he had to be here because of that. However, that doesn't mean he isn't a great character. Being emotional and human while some others are selfish is hard for him, and his interactions with the other characters show this. He was a very enjoyable character to play as, and I can' wait for his story to continue in Zero Escape III.

Solid Snake

Solid Snake is one of the most well crafted characters in gaming. He's intelligent, experienced, and gets the job done. He's averted nuclear disasters several times, and what is presumed to be the end of his story was one of the best sequences in all of video game history to me, and I didn't even play it. I love his story, and attitude, a lot.


This Keyblade wielder is goofy, abnormally cheerful, and also a fierce fighter. Despite being separated from everyone he knows, he continues on his journey, and still is continuing in Kingdom Hearts III. You can't help but like Sora because of his attitude, and the humor he brings can make you smile.


During Radiant Historia, Stock has to time travel all over the place, and also does so sometimes because he fails to stop his friends from dying. However, that doesn't deter min from continuing. He always keeps trying, and manages to make the timeline right. Even though he's technically alone in his entire quest, he manages to complete it, and his no-nonsense attitude warms up over time, and makes him a great protagonist.


Tenmyouji is one of the best characters out of those in the Zero Escape series. He's very protectful of Quark, his grandson, and while he sometimes is cold and distant, I loved his character. Pretty much everyone in the series always has some big reveal, and Tenmyouji's, I feel, is the most shocking, and best one of all.

Trucy Wright

Trucy, Phoenix's adopted daughter, is a cheerful, optimistic magician. She's emotional, intelligent, and is a great replacement to Maya Fey for the co-counsel. She's funny, cute, and also pulls tires out of her panties. That's pretty awesome.


Xion is one of the main focuses of 358/2 Days, my favorite Kingdom Hearts game. Her character is character is cheerful, yet sad, and her story was, like others, heart-wrenching to me. I loved 358/2's story because of her, and she's one of my favorite Kingdom Hearts characters. She's also very observant.


Princess Zelda has an almost-constant presence in the Zelda series, of course, since it's named after her. There are some times throughout the series where she does show real character, besides just, being held by Ganondorf, such as her role involving Shiek, her time as a spirit in Spirit Tracks, and the events of Twilight Princess. Sometimes she's static, sometimes she's dynamic. Whatever the case, she does rule Hyrule very well.

Zero III

And last, but certainly not least, is Zero III, the AI from Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. He's snarky, rude, and has funny nicknames for everyone. He's a constant source of humor, and he brought something in that didn't really exist in 999, so I was really happy to have him.

Now, here's the entire list: 

Agent 47, Akane Kurashiki, Alan Wake, Alyx Vance, Andrew Ryan, Anton Herzen, Apollo Justice, Axel, Beat, Big Boss, Bill, Booker DeWitt, Bowser, Cave Johnson, Chris Redfield, Chrom, Clementine, Count Bleck, Your Dad, Damon Gant, The Dark Presence, Don Paolo, Dusknoir, Elizabeth, Ellis, EVA, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Frank Honey, Franziska von Karma, Frog, Ganondorf Dragmire, Gengar, GLaDOS, Grovyle, Gordon Freeman, Gumshoe, Handsome Jack, Haytham Kenway, Heiss, Isaac Clarke, Jack Cayman, James Sunderland, Jean Descole, Jill Valentine, Jin Yuugami, Johnny Wyles, The Judge, Kenny, Kristoph Gavin, Larry, Lee Everett, Leon S. Kennedy, Linebeck, Link, The Lone Wanderer, Lotus, Luigi, Luna, Magus, Maleficent, Manfred von Karma, Marco, Mario, Master Xehanort, Max Payne, Maya Fey, Midna, Miles Edgeworth, Miror B, Mr. Scratch, Namine, Neku Sakuraba, Ozzie, Your Partner, Pearl Fey, Phi, Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, Pyramid Head, Quercus Alba, Raiden, Raynie, Revolver Ocelot, Reyn, River, Samus Aran, Senator Steven Armstrong, Sharla, Shiki Misaki, Shi-Long Lang, Sho Minamimoto, Shulk, Sigma, Solid Snake, Sora, Stocke, Tenmyouji, Trucy Wright, Xion, Zelda, Zero III

There they are, the Wonderful, statistics for fun!

There are 23 Females, 75 Males, and 4 that can be Either/Or or N/A

There are 15 Ace Attorney characters...

16 have improbable hair-styles...

72 are Japanese, 29 are Western

Well, that's it for this mini series...I hope you guys enjoyed head hurts from counting, so I'll stop there..