First, I'd like to apologize about the mishap with the pagebreak-I tried what was listed in the blogging tips section, as well as on the advice of a fellow blogger, but eh, I guess it didn't work. Hopefully loading all the pictures didn't slow anyone's pages down. We're just going to go ahead and jump right into it. Something funny is that we're only going to get halfway through the alphabet with this second entry-lots of J's, L's, and M's. :P 

The Wonderful 101 Part 1


Originally, I was not going to include Grovyle, but after looking at the list of characters I had, I realized I care more about this specific Grovyle from Explorers of Time than I do about Liara T'Soni. Yeah, sue me. Whatever. This Grovyle plays an important part in the story, as an enigma who is stealing the Time Gears in the world, causing time to slow down to a halt within the world. His motivations and interaction with the player character made the game that much better to me.

Gordon Freeman

The protagonist of the Half-Life series literally has no character development. There is no player choice in the series, sans the end of the original game, and Freeman never speaks, and as far as we know, only communicates through facial expression, and a gun. However, what's unique about him is that by doing this, Valve has let us create the character of Gordon Freeman, as, well, basically, an ant that can take down a city of humans.


Detective Gumshoe is probably the most clumsy detective to ever exist. Also, uh, the reason that he wasn't listed by his first name is because his first name is...well..something inappropriate. In any case, the detective is one of 3 characters to be in every Ace Attorney game thus far, and he deserves it. His constant forgetting of names, missing evidence, among other things, contributes to the fact that his salary is cut every other day. Regardless of his ineptness, the good detective is cheerful, and is always determined.

Handsome Jack

This Borderlands 2 is one those villains that more than anything, you just want to slap them in the face and give hem a real fight...because well, all he does is send robots at you, instead of fighting directly. Despite this, he's an enjoyable villain, and the secrets he holds make that even more so. He's just that villain that's easy to hate, and fits in perfectly with the world on Pandora.

Haytham Kenway

The biggest surprise of Assassins' Creed III was that it starts you off playing as the main protagonist's father, Haytham Kenway. While I didn't love Assassins' Creed III, I found Haytham, despite some spoilerly things, a more likable character than Connor. He has a certain air about him, as opposed to his whiny, melodramatic, selfish son, that I found made me want him as the protagonist instead of Connor. 


Heiss is an enigma in Radiant Historia. He's the head of Special Intelligence, the division under which Stocke operates, and is also the one to give Stocke the White Chronicle. From the beginning, it's implied he knows of its true nature, but after the main turning point early in the game, we don't see much of him. He comes back to be a major character later on, and the role he takes makes him deserve a spot on my list.

Isaac Clarke

The protagonist of the Dead Space series has two unique things about him. One, he has some weird yell thing that sounds like "nnnwwwaaaa, ruauaaaaaa" or something. Two, he has the most powerful stomp in the history of gaming, I'm pretty sure. Regardless, he is an awesome character, and is kind of like the Gordon Freeman of horror games. He's also well developed as a character across Dead Space 2, coping with the death of his girlfriend, Nicole, and the return of the Necromorphs.

Jack Cayman

Granted, I still have yet to finish MadWorld, but I think I can safely put Jack Cayman on this list. His shady past is something I've seen a bit of, and it's intrigued me so far. Also, he has a chainsaw on his arm. That alone makes him worth being on the list...okay, no it doesn't, but it does help. :P

James Sunderland

James Sunderland is a weird character. I just decided to put him on this list because I wanted some Silent Hill representation, because I love the world and how it affects the characters in the game. James deals with some pretty heavy stuff during the game, and it is paced well with his development, so I thought to include him.

Jean Descole

The main antagonist of the prequel trilogy in the Professor Layton series is, at this point, still an enigma. We don't know what causes him to not appear in the original trilogy, so not all is known about his character. However, he has already proven himself to be more capable than Don Paolo, and also just has some, well, charisma. But probably the best thing about him? THIS.

Jill Valentine

Jill's simply a strong female lead. Despite the hardships she faces, she's strong, and is bold, and is basically a female Chris Redfield. However, that's not an insult to her, nor is it that she was is a carbon copy, because Chris can be described also as a male Jill Valentine. They just both work towards their goals, and do so well.

Jin Yuugami

What? Dual Destinies hasn't come out yet? I don't care-this guy was one of the inspirations for this blog. The idea for his character, what I've seen of his attitude, the Ace Attorney series' reputation for characters, and his character design...oh my God, I love this guy. When I wrote a blog talking about how excited I am for this game, he took up an entire paragraph. I am super excited to see how he turns out...the only thing is his English name...guh...that's why I used the Japanese name! :D

Johnny Wyles

In To the Moon, two scientists, Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts, are tasked with going through Johnny's memories and fulfilling his dream-to go to the moon. However, it isn't as though history changes-it's only that his memories will change just before he dies. We see Johnny's entire life through this game that takes only a few hours, and see just what really happened in his life that made him want to go to the moon. It's a wonderful story, and Johnny's story is beautifully written.

The Judge

The judge in the Ace Attorney series is, well, awesome. He may be inept, but he always makes good verdicts, and has a good sense of justice, even if he's easily swayed. Simply put, he's great, and I hope that one day, there's a game starring him when he was an attorney. I want that. So. Much.


Kenny is a family man, always looking out for his son Duck, and his wife, Katjaa. Even when I butted heads with him during my playthough, I always tried to reason with him, and do things bet for the group, including his family. Despite the hardships he goes through, he manages to keep going, and his unwavering determination to do what's best for his family made him one of the best characters in The Walking Dead.

Kristoph Gavin

Kristoph Gavin is someone who I can't really talk much about without going to Spoiler Land, so I'll just say that his time in Apollo Justice make him a memorably character, and the charisma and attitude he has show off the great writing of the game.


I know what some of you are thinking. What, Larry? The guy who's always against Lee, always trying to get people against him. However, I liked him as a character-I think he was really well developed. Even though he is cruel and outspoken, he was ultimately only looking out for his daughter. He may have been quick to judge, but sometimes, he was actually justified. I always tried to make friends with him, and well, I thought he was just, really well written.

Lee Everett

Haha, it's weird that Lee and Larry are in order, but that's how it is. Lee, the protagonist of The Walking Dead video game, has his actions controlled by the player character, who also determines his attitude, but the writing of the game is great, and makes Lee memorable because of how you can choose what his actions are, and how good of an image he is to Clementine.

Leon S. Kennedy

Leon, while sharing many similar qualities with Jill and Chris, does stand a bit more out. He's more of a one-person guy, working solo in Resident Evil 4 when he goes to rescue the president's daughter. His ability to survive the Las Plagas incident makes him a hardy character, and his development through Resident Evil 2 to 4 shows how he grows to be more respondent and intelligent when dealing with zombies.


Linebeck is, simply put one of my very favorite Zelda characters. He's selfish, greedy, and so well-written that I'd put him in my top 5 Zelda characters ever. He may be a coward, but his slow growth over Phantom Hourglass makes it worthwhile to play the game over again. He has several great scenes in the game, which I remember vividly in my head. I hope some day we get some small nod to him in a future Zelda title.


The protagonist of the Zelda series really doesn't have tons of character development, to be perfectly honest. He's silent, but well, I thought to include him because of what he represents. He conveys a sense of courage and always acts in a noble manner, though he can be naughty at some points. Regardless, each incarnation of Link is a fierce warrior, and deserves a spot on the list...though, I'm not doing...eleven, I think, spots for each. :P

The Lone Wanderer

The protagonist of Fallout 3 is shaped by the player's actions more so than any other character on this list. He/She can be downright evil, or a saint. Personally, I was a saint, but whatever, I like to be nice. In any case, Bethesda created a world and a character that could make real decisions and change who controlled the world, and that character could fit any mold the player wanted, making the definition of that character, well, something we can't really define. We know certain actions they had to take, but overall, there's no true Lone Wanderer, and that is something that's pretty awesome.


Lotus is not here for the reason you're thinking of. I'm not perverted-Lotus is actually wonderfully developed as a character in 999: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors. That does go to spoiler realm, but I'll say this: Lotus, when I started the game, was the character I thought I would like the least, because I honestly did a "judge a book by its cover" take. However, after one certain scene, everything changed, and she became much better in my eyes, and I liked her more than one of what I thought was going to be one of my favorite characters.


Luigi is the younger brother of Mario, and lives in shadow for almost all games they're both in. However, he ends up having more of a personality than Mario in some cases. He controls differently, he's braved his cowardice, among other things, and has proven himself. Sure, he's not given 30,000 lines of dialogue like Jodie Holmes, but he does have a recognizable and sometimes relatable character.


Luna is sort of similar to Lotus, in that when I started Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, I didn't think she'd be one of my favorite characters, though I didn't think down of her. However, after getting her ending, she became higher on my listing of the characters in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, and all the characters, she was well developed...she just happened to be special, and had a touching story.


Magus is one of the best characters in Chrono Trigger. Explaining how he became leader of the Fiends in 600 A.D. is something I wasn't expecting, and the story told up to this point is so well written that I appreciated it even thought I played it over 10 years after it was released. The storytelling has aged very well compared to some other games, and I thought that Magus deserved a spot on this alongside his enemy, Frog.


I tried to abstain from using non-video game characters, but Maleficent is such a great villain I decided to include her. Her persistence, determination, and manipulation in the games led to many conflicts and events: she is the "Mistress of all evil" after all. Anyway, she's great, and I'm interested to see if she plays any role in Kingdom Hearts III.

Manfred von Karma

This prosecutor has possibly the largest legacy in the Ace Attorney universe, having a 40 year win record with only one penalty, and one day of vacation, which is, well, absurd. However, he did, and is really well written as a character also. He's arrogant, cocky, and snaps his fingers when making an objection. The character he is truly revealed to be is one that is very well crafted.


Marco, along with Raynie, was almost always in my party during Radiant Historia, and for good reason. They were both great party members to use, but also, well developed characters. They don't have some big reveal moment, but they just do have loyalty, and a sense for justice, that just made them likable characters.


The most recognizable face in gaming, Mario has done everything. He's been a kart racer, a party guy, and has gone to the depths of Bowser. However, he does just, convey a sense of determination, and cheerfulness. I mean, who else can jump across walking muchrooms, turtles, and moles while going "wa-hoooo!"? 

Master Xehanort

Master Xehanort is a catalyst for many events in the Kingdom Hearts universe. His actions during Birth by Sleep, Dream Drop Distance, and those taken by his allies led to many conflicts and battles between the light and darkness, and he's now setting the stage for the finale of Xehanort Saga in Kingdom Hearts III. He's so well crafted as a villain, because he radiates immense darkness and power, but he has some..charisma that just, makes him like, I don't know, Descole, but on a whole new level.

Max Payne

While my experience with Max Payne was hampered (the audio during the comic sequences never played, even when I downloaded the years old patch), I still enjoyed the game. His character, like others on this list, was determined, trudging on in the face of danger, and clinging to that last bit of hope.

Maya Fey

Maya is the assistant to Phoenix Wright during his first three games, and she functions as an aide, as well as comic relief (though everyone in the Ace Attorney series functions for comic relief), from insulting Phoenix about cleaning the toilet every day, to her obsession with the Steel Samurai. Still, Maya is an awesome character, and we see her more serious side at times as well, as she deals with many tough losses, and this shows her developed character.


Midna is, plain and simple, awesome. She's mischievous, and initially selfish, but she warms up to Link, and becomes a great asset on their adventure together. I highly doubt she'll ever be in another Zelda game, but I'd love to see her back. Her transformation as a character is a great one.

Well, that's's the list for those who wanted it...

Grovyle, Gordon Freeman, Gumshoe, Handsome Jack, Haytham Kenway, Heiss, Isaac Clarke, Jack Cayman, James Sunderland, Jean Descole, Jill Valentine, Jin Yuugami, Johnny Wyles, The Judge, Kenny, Kristoph Gavin, Larry, Lee Everett, Leon S. Kennedy, Linebeck, Link, The Lone Wanderer, Lotus, Luigi, Luna, Magus, Maleficent, Manfred von Karma, Marco, Mario, Master Xehanort, Max Payne, Maya Fey, Midna

Tomorrow, the final part...