Spoilers for all Ace Attorney games, save Gyakuten Kenji 2 and Dual Destinies

As it has been shown recently, I'm very excited for Gyakuten Saiban 5, aka Ace Attorney 5, aka Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies. Also, recently, I did a blog ranking all of the Links from the Legend of Zelda series, based on what they had accomplished in their respective adventures. Today, I'd like to apply that same concept to the series I may love the most: Ace Attorney.


I planned this blog awhile ago, making the entire list of rankings...so thankfully, I don't need to worry about that. Below, you'll see an entire list of all the attorneys (yes, that is a word-I Googled it), with a short description of them, and some notable things about them. I'll even be including ones who we never see in court-I will then base them off their record/morals, etc. Also, I will be doing 3 lists overall-one for defense lawyers, one for prosecutors, and then, finally, overall. The new prosecutors and defense lawyers presented in Gyakuten Kenji 2 and Dual Destinies will NOT be included, however. So now, let's get ready, for possibly the longest blog I'm ever going to write, and that 2 people will care about. X3

Defense Attorneys

Phoenix Wright

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Renowned attorney known for defending clients and creating "Turnabouts'
  • Known for bluffing in court
  • Solved the DL-6 case, leading to the discrediting and arrest of Manfred von Karma
  • Helped revive the Jurist System
  • Was disbarred after presenting forged evidence, but was cleared of charges
  • Only known lawyer to be disbarred and get his badge back
  • Always believes in his clients
  • Has been a defendant 3 times, even defending himself.
  • Mentored by Mia Fey, mentor to Apollo Justice 
  • Uses a Magatama to discover the secrets of witnesses 
  • Rival to Miles Edgeworth

This is the man, Phoenix Wright, the one who started it all. Not every event in the Ace Attorney universe links back to Phoenix, but he's watched a lot of it unfold, and has been a deciding force in many cases. His determination and luck has made Phoenix a renowned attorney, and though he was disbarred, he managed to stay a legend. You can't say anything bad about this guy-he's always gotten the criminal, and had his client get the verdict they deserve. He is simply a legend in the Ace Attorney universe-this is the kind of list where we start with the best.

Apollo Justice

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Mentored by Phoenix Wright
  • Helped clear Phoenix Wright of his forgery charges
  • Participated in the trial test of the Jurist System
  • Has the ability to Perceive the twitches and habits of witnesses, in order to know they are lying
  • Known for his "Chords of Steel", aka, being very loud in he courtroom
  • Rival to Klavier Gavin

Apollo was the fourth playable attorney in the series, after Mia and Edgeworth were playable in Trials and Tribulations, but he was the first besides Phoenix Wright to have his own game. While he was aided in the trials he participated in by Phoenix Wright, his determination and Perceive ability led him to have success all on his own, and he also aided in clearing Phoenix Wright of his charges of forged evidence. While there isn't really anything bad about Apollo, there is the fact that he is a bit rash, and is still a greenhorn attorney, and so, hasn't been able to achieve as much. This is said at the end of his game, where he comments on the fact that he will one day be able to contribute to the law.

Mia Fey

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Gathered enough evidence to allow Phoenix Wright to take down Redd White
  • Mentor to Phoenix Wright
  • Debuted alongside Miles Edgeworth
  • Nemesis of Dahlia Hawthorne, and also the one who led to her arrest
  • Helped Phoenix complete many of his cases as a channeled spirit
  • Murdered by Redd White, spirit lives on in Phoenix, as noticed by Godot
  • Lover to Diego Armando

Mia Fey is significant in the Ace Attorney universe in that she taught Phoenix Wright several of the techniques he uses in court, such as bluffing and thinking outside the box. While we don't know much about all the success she has as a defense lawyer, we do know she helped foster the downfall of Redd White, a person corrupting the entire United States, as well as helping Phoenix with several of his trials when she was channeled by either Maya or Pearl Fey. Her actions led to many successes on Phoenix's part, and while Phoenix has moved on, according to his actions post Trials and Tribulations, Mia has still had a profound effect on him, and steered him in the right direction.

Diego Armando

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Mentor and lover to Mia Fey
  • Poisoned by Dahlia Hawthorne, became a prosecutor known as Godot
  • Was in a coma for several years
  • Drinks tons of coffee

Unfortunately, not much is known about Diego's days as a defense lawyer. While his words of wisdom were seen from the eyes of Mia Fey, we never see him do anything really in court alone, and thus, we can't really judge his skills as a defense attorney much. As a prosecutor, that may be a different thing, but still, not much is known about Diego the defense attorney. We can only assume he's more "Ace" than some others on this list, based on the legacy they leave behind.

Gregory Edgeworth

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Father and mentor to Miles Edgeworth
  • Rival of Manfred von Karma
  • First person to put a penalty on von Karma, which led to his own death
  • Known for believing in clients

Like Armando, we basically know nothing about the older Edgeworth's time as a defense attorney, sans his time in Ac Attorney Investigations 2. While we don't know really anything bad about him, we do know that he did perform admirably against von Karma in court, as he did give him his one and only penalty, which is definitely something noteworthy.

Marvin Grossberg

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Mentor to Mia Fey
  • Blackmailed by Redd White

Not much to say about Grossberg. We only see him as a co-counsel to Mia Fey, and also know that he was blackmailed by Redd White. He's never seen in court, though it isn't ever insinuated that he is ill-intentioned. So, he's not really a bad attorney...but he's not very "ace" either. At least he had his own law office-that must be something good, right?

Calisto Yew

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Part of the Yatagarasu
  • Under-cover as part of the international smuggling ring
  • Killer of Bryne Faraday
  • Also masqueraded as Shih-na as part of Interpol.

Another one we don't really know much about in terms of her lawyer skills. While we know she did do some work as a defense lawyer for some of the companies attacked by the Yatagarasu, we don't know much about her success. However, we can assume she was at least somewhat successful, as the Yatagarasu was technically never caught. Though, it is discrediting to her that she's evil...

Robert Hammond

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Defense lawyer to Yanni Yogi
  • Umm...yup.

Oh boy, bottom of the barrel here. We don't know anything positive about this guy-we only know that he made Yanni Yogi lie and say he had brain damage, which ruined the man's life, and led to his wife's suicide. So yeah, Hammond is pretty much a self-serving defense attorney, and isn't "ace" at all.

Kristoph Gavin

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Well-respected attorney before his downfall
  • Caused the disbarring of Phoenix Wright
  • Brother of Klavier Gavin
  • Mentor to Apollo Justice
  • Only known person to have Black Psyche-locks

One of the most evil characters in the Ace Attorney universe, Kristoph Gavin was known to be the "Coolest Defense Attorney in the West" before he was arrested for the murder of "Shadi Smith". This does give some credit to him, considering it seems he was the most known attorney after the fall of Phoenix Wright. Though, considering he is known for forging evidence at least once, it does discredit him, especially since he tried to poison numerous individuals, all in the name of gaining fame and fortune.

Well, that is all the defense attorneys! Let's see how they're stacked up!

  1. Phoenix Wright
  2. Mia Fey
  3. Apollo Justice
  4. Gregory Edgeworth
  5. Diego Armando
  6. Kristoph Gavin
  7. Marin Grossberg
  8. Calisto Yew
  9. Robert Hammond

Now, time for the prosecutors!


Miles Edgeworth

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Rival to Phoenix Wright
  • Mentored by Manfred von Karma
  • Went from being an antagonist to a protagonist
  • Only prosecutor to have his own game
  • One of two known prosecutors to also function at one time as a defense attorney
  • Helped bring down the international smuggling ring
  • Became Chief Prosecutor at some point following Phoenix Wright's disbarment
  • Calls them Psycholocks

Miles Edgeworth is perhaps the most interesting character in the Ace Attorney universe. Believing for years he killed his own father, only to discover that his mentor actually had, Edgeworth has gone through a lot in his life, even being involved with the conspiracy of the Fey clan along with Phoenix Wright. From his transformation to a cold prosecutor to pursuing the truth, Edgeworth has and always will be the definition of what an Ace Attorney is, having solved many cases that no one else could, and eventually, always pursuing the genuine truth, even if that meant the defendant was innocent.

Manfred von Karma

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Went 40 years without losing a case
  • Concealed evidence, testimonies, and possibly forged evidence
  • Murdered Gregory Edgeworth
  • Mentor to Miles Edgeworth and Franziska von Karma
  • Father to Franziska
  • A perfectionist in life and court
  • His ATM card number is 0001

Considered one of the main antagonists of the series, Manfred von Karma has an imposing legend in the Ace Attorney world, as until his meeting with Phoenix Wright, he had never lost a case. He manipulated many witnesses as a prosecutor, hid vital evidence, and always ensured the defendant would be declared guilty. While we don't know how much the elder von Karma did these deeds, we do know that he did do them, as seen in Turnabout Goodbyes. However, he did have a 40 year win streak, and was very careful and wise in the courtroom, which does place him above others on the list.

Winston Payne

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Known as the "Rookie Killer" before facing Mia Fey
  • Had his hair fly off his head
  • Grew his hair out afterwards into something awful looking
  • Faced Apollo Justice and Phoenix Wright in their debuts
  • Had a 7-year win streak prior to his loss to Mia Fey

Okay, if you've played any Ace Attorney game, you've seen this guy-he's in all the ones released so far, except Gyakuten Kenji 2, I believe. He's inept, but the truth is, he did have a long win streak of seven years-longer that some other notable prosecutors...namely, Miles Edgeworth. Of course, after one loss, he fell apart, and that discredits him some. 

Bryne Faraday

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Part of the Yatagarasu
  • Killed by Calisto Yew
  • Father to Kay Faraday

Here's the first of the prosecutors we known little about, and really actually is the one we know the least about. We do know that he was well intentioned as part of the Yatagarasu, but he also did do some illegal activity being part of the Yagarasu, so that brings him down a bit. Unfortunately, we know little else about him, and his attorney skills can't really be judged.


Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Also known as Diego Armando
  • Following being poisoned by Dahlia Hawthorne and discovering Mia Fey was dead, he st out to "do battle" with Phoenix Wright
  • Drinks tons of coffee
  • One of two prosecutors to also at some point function as a defense attorney
  • Never won a case as a prosecutor, only having 3 trials in total
  • Wears a mask in order to see, though cannot see red on white backgrounds

Godot is a fan-favorite, due to his coffee drinking habits, his character, and his awesome mask thing. While he may be a fierce adversary for Phoenix Wright, there is a problem: he never wins a case, ever. While we know his skills are good, it's a bit hard to classify him as being above others, due to him not taking on a variety of attorneys. Still, he does do better than some others on the list.

Franziska von Karma

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Mentored by her father, Manfred von Karma
  • Wields a whip, and calls people "fools" a lot
  • Became a prosecutor at age 13, the youngest known in the Ace Attorney universe
  • Worked with Interpol to investigate the international smuggling ring
  • Shot in the shoulder by Shelly de Killer
  • Unlike her father, not known for forging evidence

Franziska is the only female prosecutor, and she whips some serious, er, butt in the courtroom. While she never defeats Phoenix Wright, she does do well internationally working with Interpol, as well as against others in the courtroom. She also passed he bar exam and became a prosecutor at age 13. AT AGE 13. That makes her pretty ace in my book.

Klavier Gavin

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Brother to Kristoph Gavin
  • Rival of Apollo Justice
  • LeaKlaid Guitarist of the Gavinners before they broke up
  • One who accused Phoenix Wright of forged evidence in court
  • Became a prosecutor at age 17
  • Uses German words a lot

Klavier Gavin is a cool prosecutor, with girls fawning over him due to his rockstar fandom, and he also excels as being a prosecutor in general. He pursues a verdict that is the truth, and doesn't only go for a guilty verdict. However, he was blind to his own manipulation by his brother, Kristoph, as noted at the end of Turnabout Succession, which puts a damper on his skills. He also is shown to have overlooked things sometimes, as well as being a bit self-centered. Still, he is pretty awesome.

Jacques Portsman

Notable Qualities/Events Involved In:

  • Calls himself a "prodigy"
  • Plays sports a lot, made others call themselves better names
  • Member of the smuggling ring
  • Killed his detective partner
  • Generally unpleasant and rude

Well, nothing good to say about this guy, really. He killed someone in Edgeworth's office, and tried to pin the blame on anyone he could, but was pretty sloppy in his doing so, and thus he was found out and convicted with murder. He defended himself poorly, and we know nothing of his true prosecution skills, so he's pretty much guaranteed the bottom spot.

Alright, that's it for the prosecutors! Here's my list!

  1. Miles Edgeworth
  2. Franziska von Karma
  3. Manfred von Karma
  4. Klavier Gavin
  5. Godot
  6. Winston Payne
  7. Bryne Faraday
  8. Jacques Portsman

And now-the overall list for who is the most "Ace Attorney"!

  1. Miles Edgeworth
  2. Phoenix Wright
  3. Mia Fey
  4. Franziska von Karma
  5. Gregory Edgeworth
  6. Apollo Justice
  7. Manfred von Karma
  8. Klavier Gavin
  9. Godot/Diego Armando
  10. Kristoph Gavin
  11. Winston Payne
  12. Marvin Grossberg
  13. Bryne Faraday
  14. Calisto Yew
  15. Jacques Portsman
  16. Robert Hammond

I think Edgeworth and Phoenix both deserve the top spot, but I'm giving it to Edgeworth right now. Although I like Phoenix more as a character, I think Miles Edgeworth, at this moment, truly is the definition of an Ace Attorney. Have any other thoughts? Sound off below! I hope you enjoyed this look at the major players of the Ace Attorney universe!