Here we are-the second form of the Monado, Monado II. I first skipped this form, going straight to Monado III, because I didn't feel like doing this one. However, I finally decided to tackle it, and I think it came out alright. Like always, there's just going to be a stream of pictures with short descriptions for you guys to see how I built it. 

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This is now the true thing-the one accidentally posted a day late.

Yep, same pose.

I used the same materials as before-cardboard, duct tape, paper, and sweat. I originally WAS going to make this work like Monado II actually does, with there being various hinges and parts inside that let it switch from activated to deactivated states. However, this proved to be too difficult with the materials I had,'s just like Monado I, and is built in separate parts.

Drawing Stage

Here's the drawing I did of it-I actually did this on the same paper that Monado I was done on-that also means the Monado III design is on the back. As you can see, it's in four separate parts, as opposed to the other two. This was the biggest challenge for me while building it, considering how they had to be linked together.

Build # 1

Here's where you can see some of the initial cut-out parts. That red tape is just some plastic tape I had that I used to hold parts together while I was building, and it was surprisingly strong, and worked well. You can also see three of the pieces-the handle, the blade, and the top guard.

Build # 2

Here, I'll let you guys see my early plan. I planned on using small metal strips so that the pieces could unfold properly and such. In the top part, there were 3 parts, with little knobs to act as stoppers. These proved difficult to work with, and eventually, I took off the stoppers, though I left the bars in.

Build # 3

Here's where it starts to come together, and you can see the pieces of metal too. This pieces is basically the same as Monado I, except for the fact that the part on the left side of the circle curls more in instead of sticking out (you can see this in the comparison picture below).

Build # 4

Not much to say here, just all 4 pieces about to be strengthened with more cardboard, and then wrapped in duct tape for a finish. Though, you can see now, I didn't forget about that weird little triangle piece.

Build # 5

Here, we finally see product just before its completion. I actually changed the large guard around a bit, making the curve on it steeper than before, because it wasn't lining up well. It still is a bit off, but it suffices. So now, finally...

Final Build (Deactivated)

Final Build (Activated)

Yep, there it is. The top guard should technically be out a bit more, but I forgot this when taking the picture...and it's early, and feel like putting this blog out now. In any case, that's my newest recreation, and I hope you guys like it! Some more pictures below, for your convenience.

Comparison Shot

Posing like a boss

That's all today, folks. July is 11 days away though...and I currently am planning to restart something I talked about a few months ago in that month, though it's possible I may even start before then. All I can say is-it's going to be great for you Keyblade Warriors out there.