Gah, I've been meaning to write this list for awhile. Considering I'm going to be busy for the rest of today, but I'm free at the moment...well, I might as well. So, anyway, I've wanted to write about some of the goofiest and hilarious characters in gaming. When I say goofy though, I don't mean characters that are always doing dumb things, but are also pretty awesome, with people generally liking the character. So basically, that Tingle, because people just think he's weird, but not really awesome.

I will admit, several of these characters are more from some of my favorite games, so there may be a couple unfamiliar faces to some people. I tried to include a variety of characters from various genres and franchises. The thing was though, that some series had multiple characters that were freaking awesome and were goofy, so they were the inspiration for this blog. So, let's look at some of the most awesome goofballs in video games.

10. Johnny Sasaki

Okay, so, maybe he's not super awesome, but that scene at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4 makes up for his past failures. After generations of his family failing to act competently as soldiers, Johnny not putting nanomachines in his body. Before this point though, he was constantly met with bowel problems, as well as having his uniform stolen by Meryl in Metal Gear Solid. Finally, like I said, he gets his redemption in the last MGS title, and so, he could be considered at least a little awesome.

9. Larry Butz

When something smells, it's usually the Butz....

Larry's pretty much who I'm talking about with a face some of you may be unfamiliar with. He's a character from the Ace Attorney games that is a childhood friend of Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright. He's usually dating a supermodel, and is working a various oddjobs, from being an artist, Santa Claus, or a security guard. His actions are usually met with a lot of skepticism from all the other characters, but the player can't help like him because of his weird charisma. He's also awesome because several times his actions are actually critical to a case being solved...even if no one wants him around at points.

8. Barry Burton

This Wienerness Steve lookalike is famed for his dialogue in the original Resident Evil game. His dialogue has become famous in various memes and Youtube videos, and is still used to this day. He's also pretty good at fighting zombies, with his magnum, which makes him pretty awesome. Here's to hoping we get a game with him again someday.

7. The Postman

It's mail time!

The Postman from The Legend of Zelda series is always performing his duty, running(or flying) across Hyrule to deliver mail to various individuals. He's very committed to his cause, and is somehow always able to find Link in Twilight Princess after he keeps warping around to random spots, which means he's probably the best postman to ever exist. The way he runs, as well as his character design, simply say, "I may be weird and goofy, but I am committed", which makes him deserve a spot on this list.

6. Barry Wheeler

Barry Wheeler is amused at your opinion.

Hey, it's another Barry! Alan Wake's manager can be a little on the lame side at times, but his funny banter and cynical criticizing of the people of Bright Falls contributes to how well developed he is as a character. Also, his encounters with the Taken show how awesome he is, using a headlamp like a laser beam, and also controlling the lights in the rock show in chapter 4. Plus, he wears Christmas lights, which pretty much puts the nail in the coffin of how awesome and goofy he can be.

5. Sora

Sora, as the protagonist of Kingdom Hearts, does some pretty awesome stuff, like fighting building-sized Heartless, Nobodies, and Dream Eaters, as well as fighting against 1000 heartless at once. His playful banter with Donald and Goofy brings out his funny but awkward side, and leads to some great moments of friendship between the three of them. Overall, he is one of the go-to characters for this list automatically, but there are several characters whose goofiness shines even brighter than his.

4. Luigi

Luigi is simply the epitome of goofiness, living in the shadow of his older yet-strangely-shorter twin brother, Mario. Constantly the one being captured by Bowser, and even mind-controlled, Luigi always seems to be in the back seat. However, he's actually a more developed character than Mario, as he goes through stages of overcoming his fears, and also outshining his brother sometimes, even rescuing him. He's a ghostbuster, a finder of a missing Mario, and a guy who can jump really high: that makes him pretty awesome.

3. Reyn

"Now it's Reyn time!"

This party character from Xenoblade Chronicles was my favorite new character last year, because, well, he is simply, very awesome. Almost all of his battle dialogue has been repeated in Xenoblade memes around the internet, with the most popular being "Now it's Reyn time!". He is a huge asset in combat, having a high defense and amount of health, as well as strong attacks. Throughout the whole game, except for a couple battles, he was in my party, simply because he truly was one of the most enjoyable characters I'd interacted with in a video game. I hope he shows up someplace in X for Wii U, as his goofy dialogue needs to be explored more.

2. Linebeck


I won't joke around: Linebeck is one of my favorite characters ever. Sure, in the beginning, he's uncooperative, and is selfish, but by the end, he's a dynamic hero, and makes me love Phantom Hourglass even more. I won't spoil what he does towards the end, but it makes him awesome enough to be this high on the list. As for the goofiness...well, his love for treasure and cowardice to actually do anything dangerous just ends up making me smile, especially with how he's introduced: caught trapped behind two walls of spikes, jumping up and down. Seeing his descendant in Spirit Tracks was a great part of that game(admittedly, one of the best...never liked ST that much...).

1. Groose

This guy is amazing.

Let's not beat around the bush: Groose deserves this title, because without him, there wouldn't technically be a Hyrule, or any of the other adventures we adore. Okay, sure, Link did stuff too, but he's not a funny character-Groose is. From his genesis of being the bully in love with Zelda, to helping Link defeat the Imprisoned with his makeshift catapult. While he is still a bit pompous at the end of Skyward Sword, he's come around to accept that Link is a true hero, and that he and Zelda aren't meant to be. I liked him in the beginning, but I liked him even more in the end, after things like him skydiving after Link, as well as his best line: "You guys were totally amazing in this little adventure I like to call The Legend of Groose".