Well, this has been a long time coming, hasn't it? Well, technically, Monado I and Monado III were meant to serve as iterations of this series, but this is the first in awhile that's actually a real entry of just random art. To give an update on my Shagohod project-I haven't done much lately, due to laziness, school things, and other conflicts. I'm hoping to finish it now by May 27th or so, to give myself some time. Yes, I know, that's about two weeks away, I'm sorry.  I kind of hit a block of motivation, and have felt more like drawing as of late than constructing. After this week though, I'll be much less constrained time wise, and will be able to get more on track. It is about 60% done, so don't worry about me not having done anything. :P

So, let's get started with some new things, which, for the first time, are all actually done in the same style: good ol' Sharpie, with a bit of pencil shading as well. I've just been churning out these for the last couple of days, so, here they are.

Ace Attorney

Jin Yugami, the upcoming prosecutor from Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies


Phoenix Wright, as he appears in Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies

Apollo Justice, as he appears in Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies



Shiki Misaki, in her true form


Sho Minamimoto

Well, that's all I wanted to do for today-I am planning on doing some more characters from both of these games, and will probably have those up next week, hopefully along with the Shagohod, if everything goes as planned. As always, please put any comments/thoughts below, and happy blogging!