Since yesterday's interesting news about how John Carpenter wants to make a game based on the acclaimed horror series, I've been thinking more about Dead Space. And since it's been a little while since I've done an entry in this mini series of mine, I thought "what the heck", since it's a Friday night, and MadWorld has lost my attention. So, let's dig into the meat of this lovely, gore-infested title.

Hey guys, ready to party like the world's ending? Oh wait...

10. Cut off their limbs. 

So nice of them to just leave their tool behind, also.

This room is the first for a lot of things for the player; the first time they fight a Necromorph, the first time they are introduced to the Plasma Cutter, and the first time they perform Isaac's Godly stomp. In any case, the best part of this room is the bloody graffiti, notifying Isaac to dismember the Necromorphs in order to dispatch them. This is a core aspect of the Dead Space franchise, which sets it apart from most other survival horror games, and seeing this first image on the wall was a great way for Visceral to set the tone.

9. We're gonna need a new ship...

This moment was probably the one most anticipated by the player coming into the game, as anyone in their right mind would leave the Ishimura after discovering its new inhabitants. However, at the end of the first chapter, Isaac, Kendra, and Hammond learn that they aren't getting home anytime soon: their ship, the Kellion, explodes after Isaac starts to assess the damage done to it upon landing. Immediately, fear sets in even more for the three, and things get a whole lot worse.

8. Seeing Nicole.

So, Isaac took the repair mission for the Ishimura to get his wallet ba-I mean, to see Nicole. Because well, who doesn't want to see their significant other? Well, when that other is on a ship full of reanimated and restructured corpses, than you may want to see them even more, to know it they're alive or not. After going to the Mining Deck, Isaac encounters Nicole in physical form, unscathed and overjoyed to see him, albeit acting a bit...calm. Isaac, while not really expressing any outward emotions, is happy to see her(this is seen through his personal text log). Her odd demeanor sets up what is revealed later in the game, as well as giving hope to Isaac himself, after experiencing horror after horror before him.` ``

7. *twitch*...*twitch*...


The Necromorphs are mostly all manageable in combat. Even though many people have found the series terrifying, I myself have found it to be actually "eh" on the horror side, as in being scared. What really has gotten me about the series' horror is its blood pumping adrenaline rush, which just makes me relish the satisfaction of dispatching the bane of humanity. However, Twitchers, a new enemy seen after the crash of the USM Valor, pose a new threat unlike what the player has seen before: he's basically a slasher, but three times as fast. And slashers could be fast at times too. Twitchers are constantly fidgeting back and worth, and their AI dictates that they'll get in close for a couple strong hits, and will then retreat before Isaac can counter-attack. Even though they actually aren't that bad after fighting a couple of them, the first time Isaac encounters this new foe is a very harrowing experience for the player.

6. The Leviathan

Not that hard of a boss...but...he's so...biiiiiiiig....

The Leviathan is one of the easiest boss fights in the entire Dead Space series, but the sheer size of him is what makes the boss fight memorable. In the parts preceding this encounter, Isaac begins to see the growth of The Corruption, and the player starts to realize the potential of the Necromorphs. The Leviathan is very, very massive, and shows how dangerous the Necromorph infection really can be.


Big hug. :)

Okay, okay, that line can be applied to half of the rooms in the game, according to some people. However, the real point in time that I'm referring to is one associated with The Hunter, the artificial Necromorph created by Challus Mercer. In chapter 11, Isaac encounters The Hunter once again, after his attempt at cryogenically freezing is made null by Mercer unfreezing it. Anyway, in this chapter, Isaac has to find the 3 keys for the escape shuttle, for Dr. Kyne, so that they can take The Marker back to Aegis VII. Once Mercer frees The Hunter, it pursues Isaac until he kills it. However, during this chase, there is a section where Isaac has to move through a room that has a maze of movable shelves. Using Kinesis, Isaac needs to move them in order to get from one side to the other of the room to get one of the keys. And during the whole time, The Hunter is on your toes, with tense music playing. It's kind of disconcerting for the player.


The original reveal to the Kellion crew that the Ishimura has gone to Hell culminates in Isaac being forced to flee from everyone else to a place of safety. This running sequence is simply brilliant I think, since it demonstrates the terror the Necromorhphs impose, as well as getting the player separated and feeling a sense of hopelessness, which really enhances the atmosphere of the game.

3. "Hazardous Anomaly Detected. Quarantine Activated"


This moment may be overused in the series. It may be repeated more than 40 times, but each time, it tells the player exactly what they need to know: start checking the vents. The first time this happens, on the medical deck(the first time where it's voiced), the player knows that things are about to get bad. A few seconds later, one or two crashes are heard from the vents being broken in, and then screams of slashers, pregnants, and lurkers fill the room. And then, you get the wonderful combat of Dead Space.

2. Nicole is Dead..and the Ending

O hai. Wait, who's behind me...?

Okay, so I'm kind of grouping these together...because I thought I had the death of Nicole put somewhere, and now I realize I didn't...but that doesn't matter, because these two moments are both kind of in the same loop. After returning the Marker to Aegis VII, Kendra(the betrayor) reveals to Isaac that Nicole was always dead, and that he's been hallucinating her the whole time, due to his contact with the Marker. After the final boss, Isaac escapes the destroyed Aegis VII, and is sitting in his ship, in a moment of relief/depression after finally escaping. However, he senses a presence behind him, and...

1. Kendra dies...oh, and that huge thing comes out of the ground.

Go for the limbs!....wait, what limbs...

The final boss fight, while not very hard, is just another one of those Leviathan ones, where the player is "HOLY SHOOT". In any case...yeah, fighting the Hive Mind is the last thing the player does in Dead Space, and while it doesn't represent the rest of the game that well, considering how action oriented it is...it does represent the series as a whole. Dead Space is, and always was, action horror, which is shown in this fight, as well as parts like the turret sequence, and some Zero Gravity parts. Also in this last part, Kendra gets killed by the Hive Mind, which is good for Isaac, since she would've left him stranded...and, she's kind of the human antagonist, so that's all good that she gets her just deserts. 

Bonus Moments!

Honorable Mention: The Stomp/Melee Dance Parties in the Elevators

Honorable Mention: Any Moment of Isaac's Voice: "HWAAUUUGGH! NWAAAUUUGH!"