There are lots of properties in other forms of entertainment, such as television and cinema, that haven't been adapted to our world of video games. And the adaptations that do occur are usually either shovelware or a cash-in on a property. Although there are notable exceptions, the world of licensed video games is mostly frowned upon, due to untapped potential, in everything from Aliens to Harry Potter to the TRON movies. One new property in the last decade that hasn't had this treatment(yet) is AMC's Breaking Bad. The inspiration for his blog came about from seeing the story of how someone recreated the show as a Lego video game. In the days following me seeing this, I came up with this idea for a humor series of looking at how certain properties should be adopted for video games, which will in some respects be practical...but also humorous. 

Time to cook.

So, today, you'll see my ideas for an adaptation of Breaking Bad, but again, it will be meant to be humorous. The main point of this series will be saying "oh the game should be a combination of X, Y, and Z", with some being actually plausible, and some...well, questionable. So, without further ado-let's go to Alburquerque and cook.

The Campaigns

For starters, this isn't going to be Max Payne 3 or Dead Space 2 style with random multiplayer in the game-it's just going to be campaign. Or, more specifically, three campaigns, starring Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and Hank Schrader starring in each, to provide a plethora of content for the game, as they'll all have intertwining yet separate stories, and varying gameplay. Let's dissect how each of them would play.

Walter's Campaign: The Walking Dead + Amazing Alex + Imagine: Teacher

Walter's campaign would be the most quiet of the three, mostly because half the time, he's either at home, or making meth in a camper, or underground lab. In any case, Walter's part of the game would consist of the most varied gameplay wise, since he has been involved with some shoot-outs and car chases. However, I think that the best direction for the game would be to be a little more free-form, like TellTale's The Walking Dead, and allow for the player to choose how distant Walt is with his family, as well as determine how hard it is for him to make meth: is the DEA close to finding his newest lab, or is he hiding out somewhere remote and hard to track down? 

This is exactly how meth is made, right? Just stuff through tubes.

Although, what sets Walt's campaign off from the other two is that the player gets to actually make the meth for the "consumers". I'm envisioning something like that iOS game no one cares about called Amazing Alex, where players make Rube Goldberg machine things that accomplish an objective. In Breaking Bad: The Game, the player would get to choose which equipment to buy(see Jesse's campaign), and then arrange it to cook the most pure meth they could. I mean, all Walter does is pour stuff into beakers and push it into tubes, to it can't be that hard, right? Plus, we get to learn about chemistry, something that most games don't teach us.

Don't forget Imagine: Teacher, for when Walt's teaching chemistry!

Jesse's Campaign: Far Cry 3 + Mafia + Various Tycoon Games 

One of Jesse's special perks is that he gets some game time after having used various drugs. Like in Far Cry 3, Jesse will have some points where he gets high and will just have weird treks through some weird purple world or something. He'll also have a lot more action gameplay, since he has to avoid the DEA, as well as deal with rival gangs such as Tuco Salamanca. This, and collecting from his and Walter's dealers, will be akin to the Mafia series.

Business Tycoon! Choose where the meth lab is, as well as where all the Saul ads are.

The thing that will be most awesome about Jesse though, is that he's the one who deals with selling Walter's product. As Jesse, the player will constantly be monitoring where people like Badger are, how much they're selling per day, and how close the DEA is to busting one of them. The player will decide where to expand the duo's business, and will also have to make frequent shopping trips for Walt, when he needs new equipment for the lab. Also, at business points, Saul Goodman will come in at some point during the story, and will basically act as John Madden does in the Madden series, advising the player in doing various moves that ultimately won't be done by the player.

Hank's Campaign: Ghost Recon + MGSV: Ground Zeroes + L.A. Noire

As anyone could predict, Hank's campaign will mostly be like L.A. Noire. He'll spend a lot of time investigating potential meth dealers/cookers, as well as interrogating them, akin to Cole Phelps doing so. Though, more often than not, the suspects will be busted since the player will perform raids on potential cooking labs, with cover based combat like Ghost Recon. Except, most of the time before these epic raids will be long, multi-hour stakeouts. However, the player will have a choice, of either focusing on the Heisenberg chase, or to pursue other dealers in the area around Alburquerque. This will present a choice to the player: make Walt's campaign easier, by having less attention from the DEA, or spending more time in Hank's campaign chasing Walt, and getting promotions for busting operations like Gus Fring's.


The highlight of Hank's campaign though, will be the times when he's recuperating from injuries sustained during raids. The player will get to order tons of minerals to display on the shelves in their private room, as well as learn how to walk again like in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V. Hank will spend quite a bit of time on the floor, especially if Tuco's cousins come after him again. This gameplay will be so innovative, because if the player keeps failing all the QTE's, Hank will constantly lose his strength and fall into a slump on the floor, and will be vulnerable.

Alright, that's the end of this for entry in this hopefully humorous series. If you liked this idea, and would like to see more in the future, I'm open to suggestions/feedback for future installments! Until then, happy blogging!

My Breaking Bad game would get this too, right? Right?