Even though I've already shown off my recreation of Monado I from Xenoblade Chronicles, I thought I'd do a blog similar to the one for Monado III, to show the building process. Because this isn't really something new, I decided to throw in some extra stuff at the bottom, which was school related.

My only regret is that it doesn't open like the real Monado...it's two separate pieces...:(

The Monado is the weapon from the cover of Xenoblade Chronicles, and is the weapon wielded by Shulk for most of the game. It allows him to create shields to deflect enemy attacks, see events in the future, and do even more awesome stuff. Plus, it looks pretty awesome.

Now, here's the step-by-step process:

Drawing Stage

Like Monado III after it, I first drew out the shape of the Monado before actually constructing it, so I could build on top of the template. What's funny is that the poster paper I used for Monado III was the same as Monado I-they're on opposite sides of each other. I'm still trying to decide on which to cut out for a a thin replica, like a Fathead or something.

Some Assembly Required. Okay, the entire assembly...

Unlike all of my recent projects, the Monado was made out of good ol' Lego's. Most of the pieces came from the old Eiffel Tower I had, which had gotten too unstable from moving and children under the ago of 7(-.-). 

Build # 1

The hardest part with working with Lego's is that they aren't very strong in places like the bottom of the circle. I had to reinforce that area quite a bit, and wrap it tightly in the red duct tape I used so that it wouldn't break easily.

Build # 2

Another tricky part was that the two parts of the Monado move apart, on an invisible hinge in the game. I originally planned to allow this to happen with coat hangers, but they didn't really work out, so I decided to just leave the pieces separate and hanging on the wall 24/7. This, however, will be different with Monado II. ;) 

Well, that's all the pictures I took during the time I was building Monado I, so that's all I have for this. Again, since this is a bit short on content, here's something extra:

Half-Life Tic-Tac-Toe!

In my engineering class, we had to design pieces, program a machine to create them, and program a robot arm to play tic-tac-toe with said pieces. While some other people did things like the Destiny and Halo symbols, I went with a more classic approach: Half-Life and Black Mesa pieces. I originally planned to do the Combine, but our machine wouldn't have been able to do the small points it would've required, so I had to stick with a Black Mesa design.

Ugh, blurry. -.-

Less blurry? :P

Well, that's it for today-I'm making real progress with the Shagohod, and think it may be finished by Thursday, possibly, if I work hard enough! And as for what's coming after that...well, here's a little teaser. Happy blogging!