Technically, this should be posted tomorrow-but eh, I'm busy tomorrow, and am planning on spending tons of time working on Monado III, since it's been a couple days because of hitting a roadblock. In any case-here's my second batch of gaming art for you guys. Unfortunately though, this is pretty much the rest of what I actually have-everything else is small doodles that are too old. However, I'm going to have the making of Monado I as a blog for next week's post, and will have all my future projects listed under this series' section on my profile.

This was the wallpaper on my phone, it's this. :P

Professor Layton

OBJECT-oh wait...wrong person.

From Eternal Diva...great movie...and Descole has the best theme ever.

From the original trailer for Layton vs. Ace Attorney...God I can't wait for that...

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Now THAT'S an Objection!

Logo on duct tape.

Strike that-THAT'S an OBJECTION!

Epic Mickey

Eh, shading is kinda bad...

Believe or not, that is two images...I had to crop it because of the file size. :P If they messed up though...shoot...

Eh, just Mickey.

Alright, that wraps up this week's entry! I hope everyone enjoyed it! Next week, I'll be doing an entry showing how I created a model of the Monado from Xenoblade Chronicles! Stay tuned, and happy blogging!