UPDATE 4: The normal pictures should work now. 

I would not really call myself much of an artist; these days, I'm more focused on what I'm going to label as "recreation". While some of the original work I've done has been cool, I'm more proud of what I've done in terms of recreating things seen in the real world, as well as the culture of gaming. I've been meaning to share what I've done here on GIO, and now I am finally doing so.

I've used several mediums when I've recreated things, from paper and pencil, to cardboard and duct tape, and even Lego's. I haven't built tons of things, as I've really only started to really get into this within the last year, but I'm planning on doing more of them in the future-and that's where the GIO community comes in. If you guys like what you see below, please vote on what you'd like for me to recreate next; I'll have a list I've come up with after my gallery, and just tell me which you'd like to see. After a few days, I'll start to work on the recreation of whatever you guys voted for. 

So first up, here's a list of some of the things I've already made before. My favorite is definitely the first.

The Monado: Xenoblade Chronicles

Materials: Duct Tape, Sharpie, Lego's

(I really hope that shows up)
Materials: Hockey Tape, Cardboard, Paper
(Sorry for the awful quality of these pictures...stupid smartphone)
Materials: Sharpie, Paper

Materials: Sharpie, Paper
(That stupid rip off to the side)
Okay, now that you've seen some of the things I've done before, I'm giving you, the community of GIO, the decision of what I make next!
However, I'm not settling for anything. I have a set list that I've been thinking about for awhile, and I haven't been able to figure out how to create a poll, sooo...just put down below what you would like to see. Keep in mind that some will be life size, some would be models of the things they are in games. In any case, I'll be taking a more professional approach with this project, since I'm showcasing this stuff now, and will try to pay attention to detail(to the best of my ability).
Here's the list-I've linked in each to a picture, in case you aren't familiar to what the thing is. If you have any other suggestions, I am willing to think about them, but I tried to think of ones I could see myself WANTING to do and being ABLE to do.
To clarify, again, the REX and Shagohod replicas would be scaled down, and would be 3-4 feet in height, width, and length. The Big Daddy would be smaller, around a foot in height. Monado III would be full size, like I did Monado I, as well as the Pyramid Head helmet and the plasma cutter. As for the Triforce Eagle-it would be just that symbol, but a 3D model, with maybe 2 inches of thickness, around 3 by 4 feet, and would be something that I would hang on my wall.
Thanks everyone who votes-I really appreciate the feedback! I'll look at the results at the end of the weekend, and will probably start next week, if I can. This is all assuming I don't get distracted with games...and school....so yea, I don't have any estimated time of finishing, especially since the Triforce could be 3 hours, and REX could be 15. It all depends on what happens in my life. :P Anyway, again, please comment on what you'd like to see! Thanks everyone!