The most recent Metal Gear title has been met with mixed reception. While some people have found flaws in the combat, others have enjoyed its quick, blood splattering tenacity. I myself had reservations about the game, but overall, had a good time with it.

Even though I didn't love the game as much as I thought I would, it did have some very awesome moments in cutscenes, as well as set pieces.  So, I thought I'd share said moments, for those people who may be inquisitive of what this game has to offer, or who just want to see the best moments without actually playing the game.


10. Raiden Makes a Splash

After Raiden gets destroyed by Samuel, he gets outfitted with a new cyborg body to deal with Desperado, and get some "Revengeance". After he is sent back to look into Desperado's actions in the unnamed African country, he lands on the shore(after being launched from a helicopter) and sends up a lot of water, which glimmers and creates this awesome effect, which was basically done to show how nice the engine looked. 

9. Mistral's Death

Mistral is the first of the Desperado elite to face off against Raiden after he acquires his new body. Her death occurs by a tank of liquid coolant being sliced open, and pouring over her, causing her to be vulnerable to Raiden's katana. After a few slashes, she crumbles up into powder, which is a nice end to a sweet boss fight.

8. Return of the Ripper

After Sam and Monsoon taunt Raiden for a bit, he gives in to his "Jack the Ripper" persona, which is where he becomes more powerful and sadistic, and acts solely to satisfy his bloodlust. After this sequences occurs, you know that stuff is going down. Plus, he turns red, and gains Ripper mode, which makes it even awesomer(I am going to ignore that little red, squiggly line).

7. Taking down RAY

Metal Gear RAY is the most agile of the Metal Gears, being able to travel fast underwater, and make long jumps, and it serves as the boss of the first level. While cutting off one of RAY's arms is impressive, the best part of the battle is Raiden running down a vertical building, dodging RAY's missiles, and proceeding to slice it, clean, down the middle. 

6. Armstrong Kicking Raiden like a Football

Senator Armstrong is probably going to end up being one of my favorite new characters of 2013. In the 30-60 minutes he's actually in the game, he puts a lot out, and has several very awesome moments, 3 of which make this list. One of which, as you can see above, is Raiden being kicked by the Senator.

5.  Armstrong Says Things I Agree With

Senator Armstrong actually makes very valid comments about the state of America today. After Raiden accuses him of acting based on greed, Armstrong reveals he's actually trying to make the world better, and a lot of what he says are things I find true, like how there's a lot of focus on trivial things, like the media. The only real that he wants to kill and "purge the weak" and rebuild America...which isn't really a good thing...he should just peacefully protest. :P

4. Sundowner's Death

After a tough battle against him, Sundowner proceeds to try and escape by jumping on a helicopter. After some fancy cutting and explosions, he gets launched off the helicopter, right into Raiden's reach, and he gets cut up by Raiden in midair. It was a comedic moment, as his eyes are full of surprise, and it's really cool.

3. Sam vs. Raiden

The fight that was preempted from the beginning of the game turns out to be one of the best parts. Raiden and Samuel's duel doesn't have large explosions or anything, it's just the two of them in the middle of the desert, and has a tumble weed go by at the beginning of the fight. The only part that could've made the fight better would have been to make the blocking it needed easier...

2. Cutting EXCELSUS in half

You can't see it here, but EXCELSUS has several huge blades that Armstrong uses against Raiden. After slicing off a few of the Gear's arms, Raiden uses one of them to cut through the Metal Gear like he would with his own katana, in blade mode. This is one of those moments that, like the ending of Dead Space 3, was a "OMG I AM DOING THIS" moment.

1. Ripping out Armstrong's Aurora Unit Heart

Well, he doesn't have a heart that actually is an Aurora Unit, but it looks like one, I think. Regardless, the final move by the player is one that is pretty awesome, and has the final boss' heart being ripped out of his chest, and being held by Raiden, before being squeezed into a bloody mess. It's very cinematic, looks amazing, and is a satisfying end to a this slaughterhouse of a game. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good picture of the heart itself, so you'll have to YouTube that one, if you want to see that blood balloon get squelched.

Bonus: Worst Moment!

That moment you learned how the blocking worked...