The day has finally come; the last day of my 31/31. It has been a long journey, with some good blogs, and some...not so much. Instead of ending today in a "let's look back at what I've learned" or "why did I do this?", I thought I'd just write a normal blog, but make it themed right for being the last one.

While not as controversial or personal a topic as some of the ones I tackled before, I'm going today to look at something different and broader today. The final level of a video game is one of the most important parts of a game, as it's the last memory the player has of the game, and can affect whether they come back to it or not. For my last blog of this 31/31, I'm going to look at some of the ones that have stood out to me over some of the more recent titles I've played, as well as overall.

Spoilers for the following: Dead Space 3, Xenoblade Chronicles, Half Life 2: Episode 2, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-Turnabout Goodbyes

Manfred von Karma is the antagonist of the fourth case of the original Ace Attorney game. His actions led to the death of Miles Edgeworth's father, the disappearance of Misty Fey, and several other events throughout the Ace Attorney series. On the final day of the trial in this Turnabout, his crimes are finally unveiled, and he performs his breakdown of slamming his head against a wall. The great writing and animations perfectly set the tone for the final case of the game(technically, Rise from the Ashes was, but that was added into the US version, so I'm just going to ignore it). This case is definitely my favorite in the series, and I've beaten it several times. The final day of the trial is one of the best moments in the series.

Xenoblade Chronicles-SPAAAAAAAACE


Yeah, Xenoblade Chronicles ends with the party going through space, re-fighting several of the bosses in the game. When I first got into the area, I was in a revelation moment, which also set the stage for the final reveal after the defeat of Zanza. After exploring so many unique environments, it was awesome of Monolith to completely throw off what many would expect to be the final level, like on the top of the Mechonis or Bionis. No, instead, we got space. 

Dead Space 3-Convergence Vortex

Speaking of space, Dead Space 3 also ended similarly, with the final boss being...well, a Moon. A giant, moon sized Necromorph, appropriately called The Moon. Before you fight him, however, you must run through a vortex that has parts of the Moon itself, and chunks of Tau Volantis. This sequence blew my mind, which, topped off with the actual fight against the Moon. This final chapter of Dead Space 3 ended the trilogy on a high note, and made me really want to start playing the game again. Too bad it was 1 in the morning at that point...

Half-Life 2: Episode 2-Gordon vs. Striders

The last released Half-Life title was way back in 2007, and the final part of the game(combat wise) had Gordon Freeman protecting the Resistance's silo from an onslaught of Striders. This sequence requires Freeman to use the Magnusson Device to destroy the Striders in a much easier fashion than before(see above). The Combine didn't stand a chance in this situation, as their assault was dealt easily with by the Freeman. Anxiety and excitement were very present in this final level, and it ended Episode 2 on a high note.

And yes, there we have it, that concludes this 31/31. Thank you to everyone who read any of my blogs, as well as the support from General Mills44 and The Great Cubone for their own support of me while they also did their 31/31 and 28/28's, respectively. I think I might do another one of these during the summer, but until then, I'm going to try and maintain a more steady release of blogs, with 2-3 a week.

Thanks again to everyone, and happy blogging!