My 31/31 is drawing to a near close, and since I'm going away this weekend, I was planning on writing more than one blog today, Thursday. Since most of my topics have been covered, and I already know tomorrow's one, I was contemplating what to write about today. And then, I thought about a game, that probably none of you reading have played, and was actually one of my first games ever. This game was an MMORPG, and was what I played for hours before I had even heard of Zelda.

I'm talking about Disney's ToonTown Online.

You may have heard about ToonTown before-I'm not really sure actually. In the few years since becoming really involved with gaming, I haven't heard any talk about this title, or seen any news about here on GameInformer. Which is really a shame I think-back when I was 10, I played this game a lot, and probably racked up more hours than I spent in total in all of the normal Pokemon titles. 

The game comprises a simple premise; you're a cartoon character, based in "ToonTown", who interacts with characters like Mickey and Donald, and also with other toons. Cogs, which are robots who are modeled after lawyers, doctors, businessmen, and other boring things, are the antagonists, who want to destroy ToonTown. The charm of the universe can be seen in the funny animations and characters, which, while catered toward children, still call to me today. 

Combat is built in like a normal, turn-based RPG; you have "laff points", which are your toon's happiness(health), and you attacked the Cogs in turns, with such weapons as cakes, trapdoors, and fog horns. Also, you may heal your friends by doing a dance, telling jokes, or tickling them. Currency was entirely jellybeans, and you're able to do mini games like fishing, bingo, kart racing, and shooting yourself out of a cannon. 

Ah, memories.

Personalization came in the form of buying new clothes, as well as decorating your own home with new furniture, and owning your own weird pet that didn't have any arms and had a laughable design. While the graphics are still PS2 looking, the style of the game seems fine, and I'm actually honestly feeling like going back and trying it out again, because of how much fun it was then.

I know that this game doesn't offer the wealth of content, dedication, or community that other MMOs have, but that doesn't matter to me-I had a lot of fun with it, just because of it being one of the first real games I discovered and played. I remember that a subscription to the game was my birthday present, which made me super excited at the time. 

Some of you may be laughing to yourself at this-but genuinely, I want to play it again. Now that I'm actually game savvy(is that a thing?), I could probably play this game right...instead of in a dumb way.