Today, while I was thinking about what topic do discuss today, something caught my eye. After one finishes playing a game on Steam, they are greeted with a window that display new things on Steam, such as free weekends, midweek madnesses, new games available for preorder, and more. While I already knew that BioShock Infinite was available for preorder on Steam, I saw today that now they are offering the preorder unlocks for the game.

On Steam, with some select games(ones I have seen include Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 6, and now BioShock Infinite), preorder unlocks are available for the game. What this means is that if enough people preorder the game, everyone who was done so will receive certain rewards attributed to the game. For example, preordering BioShock will get you the original game, and later, if enough people preorder, items for Team Fortress 2, and even XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

I think that this sort of incentive is a great idea by Valve-I was borderline on preordering the game, and now, I've been sold on it. While it isn't possible for every publisher to do things like this, I find it very alluring in terms of being on the fence about a game. 

This method of giving incentives is particularly good for people like me, but there are different ways to get people to preorder games. Today, I'm going to look at a couple of the other ways incentives are offered for people to preorder a game, and my opinion on them.

Upgrade to the *Better* Edition

The only reason I put astericks around better is because of how many words there are in place of it-"Prepare to Die", "Enhanced', and "Premium" are just a couple of the titles that developers put on an edition of a game that includes a couple more goodies. It can go anywhere from new skins and weapons, to pieces of artwork and/or a game's soundtrack. I think this is one of the stronger preorder offers-letting people have more content when they get the game can be a deal maker for some. For me, I've sometimes wanted to preorder so I can get that thing in game, but not always. It really depends on the game and item in question.

Give a Discount

This second one is really something only on Steam-I've never seen this at GameStop or anything. However, on Steam, I've received the benefit of preordering some guys at a discounted price, such as Portal 2. I got the game for $45, as it was $50 originally, and the pre-purchase offer was a reduction by 10%. The low price(and decreasing price since it came out) has guaranteed that Portal 2 is probably in the top ten owned games on Steam, along with Left 4 Dead 2 and Team Fortress 2. This kind of incentive most definitely appeals to people-getting a game for a lower price is a plus in everyone's book, I'm pretty sure.

That's all I'll write for today-I'm planning on tackling some more of Revengeance tonight, so my review should hopefully be up soon.